Mars Opposes Neptune – Willful Over-Indulgence?

October 4, 2015 at 10:04 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Mars Opposes Neptune – Willful Over-Indulgence?

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As all Virgos know too well, if you don’t stick to your ‘to-do list’, you can end up in a void of self-pity that is hard to escape from. And so Virgos work and do.

As Mars entered Virgo on Sep 25, he has given us plenty of nervous energy to try to manage. Those with their Natal Mars in Virgo understand this nervous energy all too well. For roughly 6 weeks, we all get to experience what this Natal placement is like.

You may recall that Jupiter is in Virgo, right now at 11+ degrees and has just separated from an Opposition to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces that was in orb all throughout September. These are the 2 Planets that when in a hard aspect create addictions, over-indulgence, excessive drinking, drugging or sexing (for those with Natal Neptune in Scorpio;).

Now as Mars applies to his exact Opposition to…

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