Daily Aspects – Sep 30 – Inferior Conjunction

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Tuesday and Wednesday are days very tightly tied together aspect-wise as Mercury and the Sun both make an ‘adjustment’ aspect to Neptune. Mercury does so as he is applying to his Conjunction with the Sun and the Sun does so as he is separating from their Inferior Conjunction. With Neptune so intimately involved in their Conjunction, it bodes well for getting a deeper meaning of the ‘seeds’ of clarifying (Sun) communication (Mercury) we will have on Tuesday night and all of Wednesday.

Beginning on Wednesday morning, Mercury Retrograde will Conjunct the Sun in Libra creating their Inferior Conjunction of their roughly 165-day cycle. They have 3 Inferior Conjunctions and 3 Superior Conjunctions each year. The Sun rules real-time, clarity and our goals. Mercury rules communication, thoughts and ideas as well as local transportation, vehicles, siblings, neighbors, local community and such. When Mercury gets far ahead of the Sun, our ‘vanity’…

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