Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Aries: Be the change!

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Powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse tonight (in 4 degrees of Aries)
10:51 PM EST (also a Super Moon)


During the next two weeks, we are realizing things that have been suppressed or ignored.
We are considering independence: where do we need to be more assertive, more accommodating? Where are we being too independent, or not independent enough?

This is a time to look at the roles we play in life – think about them in your own life, journal about them, perhaps.

Get your own thinking sorted out internally before having new conversations – look within, be honest with yourself and others. There can be power/control issues right now, so keep choosing love over fear, connecting to others, use what you’re passionate about to empower others. Take a pause, center, collect yourself before communicating with others. Take. Your. Time.

Where have the feminine & masculine energies gone out of balance…

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