Mars square Saturn 2015-09-25

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Mars square Saturn 2015-09-25

If you think people were irritable with Mercury square Pluto yesterday, consider that Mars square Saturn perfects today (9/26 for UK/EU).  Grant Lewi wrote at length about the presence of this in Adolph Hitler’s birth chart.

2015-09-25 Mars square Saturn (4th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Do not be surprised to find yourself running into some kind of Nazi’s, even if they are just Soup Nazi’s.

Tara Greene also wrote an interesting piece on this.


  1. […] worse, a Focused Yod that perfects with Moon opposite Mars dominates Friday.  Later on Friday, Mars squares Saturn, something some of us have felt all week.  If we missed Thursday’s message to move certain things […]


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