Full moon in Aries | Lunar Eclipse

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Holistic Transformation


So folks, here we go. The rabbit hole is open again as we have entered yet another period where it is all going on up above as it is so below… yikes!

So where to begin, well, Mercury went retrograde in Libra on the 17th, causing communication issues- not necessarily problems or dramas, some of it is rather good stuff when Mercury goes backwards. Mercury will be retrograde until around 9th October. Now, this week, We have the Equinox, equal day, equal night. We have the Sun moving into airy, cardinal Libra- as the sun moves into the first position (fall) of judgement through the year.  Saturn is experiencing the opposite (exaltation) and also moved from deep, dark, mysterious Scorpio and back into the adventurer, the philosopher the eternal student- Sagittarius. The second visit in Scorpio was tough, no? Welcome back Sagittarius!

The moon is moving through Aquarius and then…

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