Mercury Square Pluto 2015-09-24

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Mercury Square Pluto 2015-09-24

This aspect is known for a tendency to speak harsh words and sometimes engage in harsh actions, maybe violence.  Definitely a day to be careful, and with Pluto turning direct certain issues that are overdue will need to be addressed.  Here is the chart, filtered for 4th Harmonic aspects (squares and similar):

2015-09-24 Mercury Square Pluto (4th Harmonic)

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We also note (as we have elsewhere) that a number of 5th harmonic aspects are in play.  This could be a very strong day for people who are “creatives.”

2015-09-24 Mercury Square Pluto

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Much is happening over the course of these few days up to, and including, the final “Blood Moon Eclipse” in this series.



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