Four Modes of Listening

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Yesterday I attended a lecture by Dr. Salmon Akhtar about models of listening in psychoanalysis. The ability to listen skillfully to clients is essential for psychoanalysts as well as for astrologers who do any type of counseling. According to Dr. Akhtar, there are four principal styles of listening which have been elaborated in the psychoanalytic literature since the time of Freud: objective, subjective, empathic and interpersonal listening.

Dr. Salman Akhtar, Psychoanalist Dr. Salman Akhtar, Psychoanalyst

The lecture was thoroughly fascinating. As it went on, I was impressed with the speaker’s oratory skills. He spoke for over an hour without referring to a single note. He was engaging and entertaining, and captivated the audience with his stage presence, humorous anecdotes and ability to tell a good story.

Being an astrologer, of course I began wondering what his natal chart might look like. I speculated that Dr. Akhtar had such a compelling manner of engaging the audience that…

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