Jupiter opposite Neptune, real magic

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Sept. 16/17  JUPITER in Virgo  aligns opposite Neptune in PISCES. This is the Heaven on Earth marker. 

This is an extremely BENEVOLENT beneficial, expansion of practical magic, spiritual and earth devotion, daily miracles and healing the split between matter and spirit. This aspect maximizes telepathy. Muggles, wizards and witches unite.

Jupiter Neptune Astrology Tara Greene

Ordinary people will discover in everyday circumstances that we are actually spiritual beings temporarily in physical bodies which are not just the work horses of the soul but sacred temples. This is a healing of the split between mind and body, the Divine Feminine and the Patriarchal Piscean Sky Gods of the Abrahmic stories. 

Jupiter rules religion, education justice and truth. Pisces rules spirituality, Oneness, emotional, spiritual realization, compassion, creativity. This is an immanent pagan, earth worshipping spirituality being birthed. Paganism, earth based witchcraft, and Goddess worship are already the fastest growing spirituality in North America and Europe. 

It’s like…

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Mercury Retrograde in Libra 9/17/15 – 10/09/15: Re-Calibrating the Scales

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starface astrology

On Thursday, September 17th, Mercury stations retrograde in Libra for the next 3 weeks, bringing with it the tendency for “things” of a mercurial nature to behave unpredictably. For those who are sensitive to the change in energies, it is likely you have already felt this shift, since Mercury entered its shadow period on August 28th. As Mercury slows to station retrograde, logic becomes harder to access and life feels fuzzy. However, in addition to Mercury stationing retrograde this week, we are still in the midst of the eclipse zone, caught between last weeks Solar Eclipse in Virgo, and the  September 27th Lunar Eclipse in Aries. The energy of the eclipse zone is very different from that of Mercury retrograde. During the period between eclipses, there is a feeling of acceleration through life. It is a time to really integrate change and has the potential to lock in new habits…

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Raging Valley fires could mean swift new drone laws

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Regulation seems inevitable.

Helicopter battles fires in California

In some parts of Northern California it’s hell on earth.

Wildfires are rampaging through California, destroying homes. Officials here say there could be worse to come.

As if the struggle wasn’t great enough, the vast Valley fire containment effort is being hampered. Drones being flown near the huge blazes are disrupting the flights of aircraft being used to control the fires.

On Sunday, the LA Times reported, several wayward drones forced “two fire retardant-dropping air tankers and three helicopters to abandon their efforts”.

A spokeswoman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection – or Cal Fire, for short – blasted the “irresponsible” drone operators.

“Someone will lose their home,” Karen Kanawyer told the newspaper.

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