Rune Card – September 13th Partial Solar Eclipse

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Very fun! Sounds like you enjoyed a good meal! 😉



20 degrees Virgo in the second house… I asked the Rune cards, what do you want? Changes in the collective! The card Mannaz came out, card #20. Finding the balance of your own sun and moon, your own realized intellect. Being your “inner savior”….

The full moon in Pisces released the victim… Allowed them to have a voice. Now is about being the higher form of that. Asking, “where does my money /stability/ Worldly comforts come from???” Lots of group energy for the higher intellect. The house opposite is that of the ancestral roots and karma . What did they do wrong that we as a whole should fix ? How does this find it’s place in our own daily lives?

I just ate Cubano pan con mantequilla and full out cafe con lenche for lunch today. Super delicious , not very Virgo. My knees hurt now. Sugar on top…

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