Cancer: the Warrior on the Quest

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Ionic Bond

Sun is in Cancer from June 22 to July 22. Cardinal water sign. Ruler is the Moon. Jupiter is exalted.

If Gemini has a wide social circle and reaches out for people anytime, Cancers are known to be much more picky about who they will let into their circle. They are highly emotional and perceptive, therefore guarded. Especially when it comes to people and their homes. But is this really the case about this enigmatic and somewhat dark sign?

crab Cancer

July-Horoscope-Sign-1 Astrological glyph

Cancer and the Scarab

Cancer constellation is the darkest one. In the Zodiac the 4th house, which is ruled by the sign, is found in the lowest part of the wheel. No wonder the sign also adopts some of the secretive properties of this quality: it is the best hideout there is. Just like the crab, whose delicate frail body has to be protected by the indestructible shell.

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