Asteroids Related to Nymphs, Sirens and Mermaids – Introduction

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Asteroid work is tricky, but I have found that it is essential to “filling in the gaps” left by only looking at major Ptolemaic aspects and major planets. This is particularly true for identifying certain patterns which otherwise would go unnoticed.

Ethereal Astrology


The mythological oceans have many stories of seductive, intriguing and vengeful Water spirits. Many of these stories have many hidden themes reflective of the human condition, and make for a unique way to add information to a natal chart. Several asteroids are named after these Water deities and spirits. I will write about the more important Water asteroids starting with Amphitrite.

~How to use asteroids in a natal chart~

Keep orbs tight, less than 3 degrees, and this can be extended to 4 degrees for asteroids conjunct the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-heaven, IC). Stay with major aspects only. There are many asteroids available to use in natal charts, you want to keep your natal chart reading focused and relevant, having too wide orbs for asteroids makes a messy chart. You’re specifically looking for conjunctions to the Sun, Ascendant and Mid-heaven, these are the MOST important asteroids and should be…

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