7 Ways To Use The Virgo Solar Eclipse To Reboot Your Life

September 14, 2015 at 3:01 am | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on 7 Ways To Use The Virgo Solar Eclipse To Reboot Your Life

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Even though the eclipse was last night, this energy is still with us and can definitely be used for good!  I love these pieces, because they give easy and concrete, actionable ways to work with this planetary energy!

From MindBodyGreen


From chaos into order? On September 13, 2015, the Virgo new moon will also be a partial solar eclipse, bringing bold new beginnings to our lives. Eclipses occur 4-6 times a year, and they are powerful change agents, pushing us out of any gray area into decisive new terrain. If you’re ready to plant your feet on terra firma, be willing to have the stars hit the “shuffle” button on your life’s playlist. Invite transformation into your life, instead of pushing it away.

Grounded Virgo is the sign of health, fitness and organization. This new moon/eclipse reestablishes our connection to all things practical, sensible, and stabilizing. Virgo is one of…

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