Astrology, Conscious Systems and Theoretical Physics

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Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by both astrology and theoretical physics.  Both disciplines offer an unorthodox view of reality which defies common sense. After practicing astrology for many years, it became clear to me that astrology is not a science but an art which enables the astrologer to read the information contained in the patterns of the heavens.  Through astrology, I came to view our solar system and the universe as an illustration of the elegance of Newton’s and Kepler’s laws and Einstein’s theory of relativity and as containing information which astrologers had learned partially how to decode. In other words, astrology led me to the notion that the universe, through its lawful organization and structure, possesses consciousness whose contents are open to astrologers through their methods of interpretation.

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Recently I’ve been reading about a fascinating theory about the nature of consciousness, which originates in in neuroscience (another…

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