2015-09-07 You will feel Mars quincunx Uranus (though it perfects in most of U.S. on Sept 8th)

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-09-07  You will feel Mars quincunx Uranus (though it perfects in most of U.S. on Sept 8th)

The Mars quincunx Chiron aspect of Tuesday will be mostly felt on Monday September 7th (Labor Day) in the Western Hemisphere.  (UK and EU will tend to feel it LATE on September 7th or early September 8th.)

Hurt feelings and even accident due to injury are a real possibility, but enough 5th Harmonic aspects are in play that you can make major progress developing creative works on this day if you practice diplomacy and avoid accidents and disputes.  Just take all that energy from the Thor’s Hammer (that started September 6th and lasts until at least September 11th) and FOCUS it into productivity and ideally something creative!

Moon is in Cancer (emotions, and the most powerful place for the Moon) and Sun in Virgo (details and sometimes perfectionistic criticism), so watch out for either (a)…

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2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

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2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

While this perfects on September 8th, most people in the United States (and the Western Hemisphere) will feel this most strongly on September 7th.  It is an unpleasant aspect that leads to misunderstandings at best and accidents at worst.  We will see some family (and other) squabbles on this Labor Day holiday, and some “feelings” may be deeply hurt, especially near lunch time or early afternoon (Moon opposite Pluto).  Accidents have the potential to be serious, so be careful.  Here is the chart:

2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Now is NOT the time to “work through” family issues; instead diplomacy and avoidance of “sensitive” topics until a more favorable time (maybe a few days from now) is recommended.  We note that Hygeia (health and healthcare) is also quincunx Ceres (feast/famine), so accidents (or other trauma) could be particularly expensive on this date, likely requiring a trip to the Emergency Department of a Hospital.  (Still calling it an “Emergency Room” when it is bigger than some small clinics?  Time to update your lexicon!  See, also: CDC Statistics on ED Visits.)

Doing something like this could get you nominated for the Darwin Awards.  (And, if you DO see someone doing something like that, then move back a “safe distance.”  Then move back at least that much again.)

We do note a LARGE amount of 5th Harmonic activity, so this might be a very good time to write down your ideas.  Development of poetry, lyrics, melody, and perhaps photography and video could be very powerful on this day.  But, again, practice diplomacy.

Here is the same chart, filtered for 5th Harmonic Activity:

2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Uranus (5th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You may note the triangular pattern involving Moon + Astraea / Pallas / North Node activity.  This indicates possible insights and innovations on how to heal some old wounds.  But, again, record the ideas (and plans) and pause to execute them at least one day.

In any case, if you are celebrating Labor Day today, please have a safe and healthy holiday!

VENUS is out of retro: REview & REnew Time!

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Melanie's Astro~News

Guess what just happened?
VENUS, in the middle of the night (1:29 am PDT) made her turnaround move from retro to DIRECT (moving forward from Earth perspective again)!
It’s been a VENUS RETRO MID SUMMER, since July 25!
Time to REview now:
:: Have some of your old RElationship patterns been REcognized and REleased?
:: Have you seen how waiting for others to make the first move (and them not doing it) is painful?
:: What happened to the passion, and what brings it back?
:: What are you attracted to and attracting now, from the inside out, based on your values, and on healthy self love?

VENUS on her RETRO course in LEO REconnected us with our heart, and showed us what it’s like to offer LOVE freely and generously, and to LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY!

Fresh Vibrancy after the Summer Rain

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Venus is DIRECT! heart matters move astrology

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic


love, heart, Venus  moves forward, March.

VENUS is Direct finally Sept 6 @14+ degrees LEO. The planet will reappear from the Underworld, reborn afresh in 5-7 days in the morning sky as Beautiful Venus Phosphorus The Light BRINGER.”

This Venus Retrograde cycle tracks us back to events, loves, relationships of all kinds, values, creativity and financial issues from 8 years ago. Venus Stations Retrogade in the same place in the zodiac every 8 years so its the same place in your natal chart. You could look back to 8, 16 or more years to see what was happening in your love life and finances at those times.

See how Venus Rx affects you trhough sign and house aspects in my article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/venus-and-marslovers-reunite-drama/.

But Venus will take until October 8th to return to Zero degrees Virgo where she originally turned Retrograde and everything in her reign can really advance.

I know many relationships…

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CERN, black holes, the age of pisces (9) and the age of aquarius (11), at-one-ment and the double doors

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Kabbalah Astrology

Tomorrow there is a grand cross a lot like the one on January 5th 2015. The one in January had the north node in the 4th coordinate. Now the node – which defines the eclipses – has slipped back through the constellation of Virgo and in its Januaty degree is Mercury/Thoth/Hermes, bestower of occult knowledge (the kind that liberates one from the system and thus creates a pathway for others as well). In January something was signaled about our destiny and the eclipses, now the eclipse window is about to close and the knowledge dangles again from the tree this time to be plucked knowing everything we have learned – the rectified at-one-ment.


Some say 2 doors are opening 9/23: IX and XI – 9 and 11. 11 is the illumination of being like God, godlike, the portal of da’at – which in the age of pisces is limited to…

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Nostradamus Prognostication for the Forthcoming

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Interesting. Hmm.

Blogger Sharan

Nostradamus a French apothecary and reputed soothsayer who published assemblage of prophecies that have become famous worldwide. Michel de Nostredame usually Latinized as Nostradamus was born on 14th or 21st December 1503 as per sources and died on 2nd July 1566. He has gained a much of popularity for his book and his genuine predictive powers are be acknowledged.

Provenance of the Prophecies

Nostradamus claimed to predict on judicial astrology but was heavily criticized by professional astrologers of the day for incompetence and for assuming that “comparative horoscopy”.

Research suggests that much of his prophetic work paraphrases collection of ancient end of the world prophecies.

Let’s have a look on the Predictions that came true and left the significance of his prophecy to extent and let’s save the best for the last.


The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London: 1666

“The blood of the just will be demanded of London,

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Astrology Goddess: Today saw the direct motion of Venus…

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Narcissus, Hybris, Grace, and Insight

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jbuss Astrology


In addition to the Challenges we talked about in https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/narcissus-hybris-mirrors-i-and-coincidence/ , the Stellium Stations are also loaded with Grace, Insight, and Healing Curiosity.

The Grace…

The dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), by the way, Conjoins (Confounds) asteroids Narcissus (Self-Absorption) and Echo (Self-Expression) on their corner of the Grand Cross (Mastery of Multi-Tasking), Opposite (Contradistinction) the asteroid Astraea (Innocence) and Square (Challenge through Mastery) to the Opposition between the dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) and the Conjunction between Uranus (theSoul Self), the dwarf planet Eris (Revelation), and the asteroid Karma (Habits).

The primary Spiritual Function of the whole complex event, is to readjust our Relationship to our Ego so that it’s more Sustainable.  The World is Changing in ways that your current Persona won’t handle well.  If you…

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Vedic Astrology versus Western Astrology: The Major Differences

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Through the Peacock's Eyes

Below is an old post, called Vedic Astrology: The Study of Light, that I wrote a few years ago when I first started this blog. I thought I’d re-post it here since I just created a short video explaining the major differences between the two systems. I hope this brings some clarity to those who are curious about and interested in learning astrology:

Vedic Astrology: The Study of Light:

As a Vedic Astrologer, I am often asked what that is, and how it is different from Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology is also known as Jyotisha, the study of light and the heavenly bodies. It is the astronomical and astrological system developed by the sages of ancient India after hundreds of years of studying the stars and planets. It is based on the sidereal zodiac and the movement of the stars. Western Astrology, in contrast, is based on the tropical zodiac and…

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Pantone Color of the Day: Veronica – September 6, 2015

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If You Want To Know The Truth About The Unemployment Rate Read This Article

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