Golden pyramid ascension, earth power

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

It’s a very airy Gemini day Sat. Sept 5.

Moon in Gemini is all about communicating, being like a child, asking tons of WHY questions?

Gemini is Ruled by Mercury the messenger of the gods, with the coolest sandals…

Moon squares Sun we are at 4th quarter Moon phase 

Moon inconjuncts Pluto that is the most difficult aspect early early

Moon sextiles Venus and Mars just like it sounds

moon squres Chiron – always about vulnerability, dont hide your shadow

and Moon sextiles Uranus  which can be brilliant insights

and lastly the most important aspect. Sun trine Pluto a very positive Golden Triangle of earthly/spiritual  wisdom. 


golden pyramid Tara Greene


“The Golden Pyramid has the capacity for enhancing one’s reception of healing, illumination, and cosmic love, by virtue of its unique property of restoring energy patterns of body and brain to harmonious states.

“In the ancient esoteric religion…

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