September 2nd: Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (and beyond)

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Mystic Rectangles

September 2nd: Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (and beyond)

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus perfects September 2nd, but we have felt it for weeks and will feel it for most (or all) of September. Chances are good you will receive a “wake up call” either on, or near, Thursday, September 3 when Sun is Sesquiquadrate Ceres.  Even worse is the Sun quincunx Vesta on September 4th (Friday) which misleads us regarding ideas we might have about traditions or “unusual customs.”  “Things” might be a little better on Saturday (with Sun trine Pluto), but it is all about deep conversations and power and money and maybe sex.

Keep in mind that the Nodes are important now (aka “Karma”), if you are into that sort of thing.

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The Wheel Turns to September: 9/2/2015 

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Aiyanna Lynn - Inspired Life | Welcome to Avalon

Does today feel a bit sensual and indulgent? Moon is in grounded Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet that rules what we consider beautiful. Harmonious relationships to expansive Jupiter, powerful Pluto, and dreamy Neptune can help us to slow down and notice.
We are headed to a challenge by drama king and drama queen Mars and Venus in Leo, just a heads up. Also, heads up that Saturn is traveling through the last degrees of Scorpio for the last time in 29 years. We experienced this sensitive area twice already in the last year. The saying goes that the third time is the charm, but know that some deep past intensity could come up. Ride the wave this time and know that any wonky feelings will pass. You’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting around what is likely to come up now.

The final degrees before a…

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Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (September 2015)

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Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (September 2015)

Very nearly missed this one, which perfects in a few hours.  Being an outer planet (generational planet) aspect, it has been in effect for several weeks and will affect most if not all of the month of September.  It is an aspect of genius and lottery winnings but can also be an aspect of accidents and big losses.  In a variety of matters, strong winners and strong losers will be seen this month.  The “upset” or “surprise” will be the order of the day.  Here is the chart, filtered for sesquiquadrates:

2015-09-02 Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you have a bright idea, write it down.  You may forget it and lose it if you do not capture it to paper.  Things become a bit more challenging on September 3rd when Sun sesquiquadrate Ceres perfects.

Zero point reset, North/South Nodes, dragons

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

The Lunar Nodes, the points where the Moon intersects with the Sun’s path repeats at the same degree every 18 years.  These Nodes, also called the Dragon’s Head and Tail are what’s responsible for creating eclipses. Yes that’s right. If you were interviewing the twins, the North and South Node of the Moon and asked them what they did. They’d say ” We create eclipses.”  

The Lunar Nodes tara Greene Astrology

The SOUTH Node of the Moon, called KETU/ the Dragon’s tail from traditional Vedic Astrology, symbolizes and magnetically draws us into our collective karmic past. The South Node will be transiting the SUPER POWERFUL ZERO ARIES POINT now, exact on September 11, 9/11 and throughout September. The South Node will be stationed there until November 11, Remembrance Day. 11/11 the Archetypal Gateway.  

Rahu and Ketu Lunar Nodes astrology

How the North and South nodes work

The NORTH NODE of the Moon, { the Dragon’s Head, called RAHU  in Vedic Indian Astrology…

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Today’s Trines in Earth–Work It!

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Sky Writer

Just a quick note, folks. The writing on my new book about vocational astrology is going very well, but I wanted you to be aware that  the Moon in Taurus will form a series of three trines to transiting planets  in earth signs today, so work it for all it’s worth.

If you have natal planets in the earth signs, it could very well be an excellent day to take care of finances and other practical matters.

First, it trines transiting Jupiter in Virgo, then the Sun in Virgo, and then Pluto in Capricorn. And, it also sextiles Neptune in Pisces in the course of the day.  Gotta love that Taurus Moon!

I’m not saying this will be the day you buy the winning lottery ticket or anything of that magnitude–you’d need bigger transits for that. But it’s a very good day to tackle business mattters.

I’m definitely going to…

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Looks fun! 🙂

More Blessings

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jbuss Astrology

Reminder about format: bold italic is for Everyman and Everywoman to read, while…

Indented plain text is for anyone who wants to know the astrology behind what we’re saying, or who wants to Learn it.  If you read these sections without worrying about how much you do or don’t understand, after a while you’ll notice that you begin to see how it works.

We don’t do this in the current post, but if we were defining some astrological term or how some arcane astroprocess works, we’d double-indent and use italics.

  β    β    β    β    β  

We start September with an additional Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) – Vesta (Beliefs), Pallas (Boundaries), and Venus-Mars (Self-Love) that forms a Kite focused on the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  It holds for a day or so.  There’s a gap of a…

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The Apple Store now sells drones

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iDrone: now that is a name that has a ring to it… …sorta.


In addition to iPhones, iPads and iPods, you can now buy drones from the Apple Store. But they’re not iDrones just yet.

The Apple Store began selling Tuesday the ‘Phantom 3’ line of drones created by SZ DJI Technology Co., commonly known as DJI. DJI is the world’s top maker of consumer drones and is expected to exceed $1 billion in sales this year, compared with $130 million in 2013. The Chinese company raised a $75 million investment in May that valuing the business at $8 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Read more…

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Did You Know …

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No concept of “plagiarism” and no Internet 2000 years ago.

Grand Temple of Horus Behdety


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Just a Tip: Ikea will get your mind or your money.

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🙂 Very fun. Thanks for a smile!

Long Void Moon to start the month

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9th House

Here it is.
Saturn is moving into the last degree of Scorpio for the last time until 2041.
The lessons of the last few years have been difficult. The burdens very real. A slow crippling death to all the illusions about what you thought intimacy meant.
Psychological lessons. Bonds and boundaries between partners.
Corruption of the soul exposed.
The heaviness and the burden felt tremendous.  An underground journey where you had to carve a tunnel through solid rocks. Chipping away in the hope of seeing the light…in the end.
Now you are out sitting at the edge of the abyss contemplating the teachings.


Until September 18 when Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, some of the lessons of the last 3 years could come back to haunt you. But don’t be fooled by these hungry ghosts.  They are  nothing but a shadow, a trick of the light. You…

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Venus Stations Direct

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Amelia Shea

“We have no art. We simply do everything as beautifully as we can.” Balinese saying.
Venus will station direct on the 6th of September at 14 degrees of Leo. This retrograde period (since late July) has provided excellent timing to mull over any changes or improvements you would like to make in regards to pleasure, abundance, financial well being, personal aesthetics and generally increasing the beauty and love in your life. As Venus stations on the 6th it bodes well to end the mulling over period and make concrete intentions supported by action.
Also this month Mercury stations retrograde on the 17th, there are two eclipses and Saturn will move into Sagittarius once again.

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Ego Rebirth

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jbuss Astrology

DresdenDresden, after “The Allies” firebombed it.  The statue evidently survived.

I got up this morning after a long Meditation sending Loving Kindness into and Tapping on my usual-but-always-different motley collection of Pains, Fears, and Anxieties, and, stepping into the shower, had to stop and think about which way to turn the knob to get the water a little warmer.  A small moment, but what a Window.

Of course I should be on my knees in Gratitude for hot running Water – what a Blessing that so few Hupers in history have been able to Enjoy, and so few even today!  I settled for a lesser expression of Gratitude.  We’ll come back to that “should” in a few minutes.

Right, a “senior moment” as they say.  But not – it was a tiny Rebirth!  Resetting the Patterns!  Epigenetics in Action.  I’ve found Epigenetics to be a little hard to wrap my…

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Waning full moon to last quarter moon / 17-25 Elul / 1-9 September – A Calendar Starmap

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Kabbalah Astrology

Lunar transits

Overnight 9/1-9/2 / evening in Asia 9/2
Moon at Mirach (0’34” Taurus) – in the girdle of the chained woman
also – the Band, Cord, Ribbon, or Thread, as being on the line uniting the Fishes


9/2 Morning US time
Moon at Caph (seat) of Cassipoeia (5’17” Taurus), the constellation associated with the Hebrew letter Beth and the 2nd Tarot Trump “The High Priestess.”



Afternoon 9/2 / sunrise in Asia 9/3
Moon at Hamal – Ram’s forhead (7’50” Taurus)
Year of the Ram / Sheep / Goat **
Aries represents the Ram with the golden fleece
Hamal – According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Saturn; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and Saturn. It causes violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. (Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923)


Overnight 9/2-9/3
Moon at Almach (14’24” Taurus) – Andromeda’s heel –…

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September 2015 Astro-Energy Report: Be Life, Don’t Just Live It!

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magick millenial

(By Sarah Vargas – my notes in blue at the end)


Welcome to one of the most powerful months of 2015 – there’s something for everyone and not a dull moment! Of course, if dull moments are what you crave, this month may be something of a challenge at times, unless you’re prepared to cast your preference to the wind and see what life has on the menu. You may just discover a taste for something you’d never tried before or a surprising appreciation of an unlikely circumstantial delicacy. Whilst ‘moderation in all things’ may be useful advice, there’s no harm in giving all things a go first, just to see what you would otherwise have missed!

Relationships feature strongly in September, with Venus conjunct Mars in Leo at the beginning of the month, Mercury retrograding in Libra and Venus turning direct on 6th. The first week of the month…

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Training For Mexicans On How To Cross The U.S. Mexican Border To Enter The United States Illegal — The 30-50 Million Illegal Alien Invasion of United States Continues and Is Growing Everyday! — Videos

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Pronk Palisades

Illegal Border Crossing in Mexico

Every year, thousands of Mexicans illegally cross the US border. To find out exactly how it’s done we went to El Alberto, Mexico to film the experience.

El Alberto lies 800 miles south of the US border in the state of Hidalgo. It’s pretty much like any other town of 3,000 people, except in El Alberto they offer tourists the chance to participate in a simulated illegal border crossing. It all happens at a standard recreational park with swimming pools, river trips, zip lines, and the other typical fare. We took a few cameras and headed for the EcoAlberto Park to spend some late-nights running through underground tunnels on the heels of our personal “Coyote” while being chased by border patrol. While we were there, we crashed a quinceñera party and saw El Alberto from the perspective of the locals.


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Keeping a Job when you have Bipolar Disorder

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Petite Girls Guide

Bipolar and Your Job

Many people with bipolar disorder hold down jobs, just like everyone else. We get up, swear in traffic, survive on coffee and rant about our bosses behind their backs.

”But people with bipolar disorder or another mental illness have special challenges when it comes to work. We’re sick more often, we need time off for medical appointments and stress affects us more than your average person. Here are a few tips on handling work and bipolar disorder.”

1. Don’t tell

“This first piece of advice is contentious, I know, but I recommend not telling anyone at work that you have bipolar disorder – not even your boss – without a very good reason. That piece of information is terribly “juicy” and telling one person means the information will eventually crawl its way around the office until everyone knows. And whether one person knows or everyone does…

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