Pisces Full Moon surrender, Lilith Notes.

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

FULL MOON in   Pisces is all about the ending of karmic cycles.  We have had two previous Pisces New Moon’s this year. the Feb 18 Last degree of Aquarius/Pisces New Moon and March 19/20, Total Solar eclipse Eclipse Supermoon at 29 degrees of Pisces. 
PIsces Full Moon Tara Greene
Photo by Rusty Albertson Sedona 
We are completing major lifetimes of karmic work. We can now say goodbye, own all of those past pieces of ourselves all of the old pain and suffering and horrow shows and debts we left behind, and begin anew. Freedom, liberation. 

Are you ready to let go? SIMPLY SURRENDER. 

Pisces is the most spiritual and compassionate of all the signs and is related to the Symbol of  the Chisted one, Christ means anointed, whose beautiful teachings of compassion, loving your neighbour as yourself and turning the other cheek were very revolutionary and based on Buddhist teachings.  Christ of course was also the…

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  1. Awesome reading. I loved this one many thanks. I can definitely see the lifting of major Karma finally occurring during this period. In some ways it feels like a curse has been lifted. And I realize know why my spirit guides led me towards a very relentless and harrowing episode of my life in the lead up to to the last three months. It was to definitively face and integrate a ton of shadow, in time to reap the benefits of this cycle of Karmic completion. To remove it so that it did not come with me into the next cycle. Mission accomplished. Life is awesome! I’m so glad I didn’t back away from that opportunity.


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