Full Moon Forecast – Pisces Super Moon

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Aiyanna Lynn - Inspired Life | Welcome to Avalon

Full moon in Pisces today, exact at 11:35AM Pacific. This full moon packs quite a punch and prepares us for the coming solar and lunar eclipses happening next month. It is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is super close to earth with especially strong pull on the waters, including our emotions.

Moon is in Pisces, conjunct (meaning close) with intuitive Neptune, and opposing the Sun (our vitality) and expansive Jupiter conjunct in Virgo, the Priestess. Virgo/Pisces is considered the axis of healing, and much healing potential exists today. Planetary energies are high and we are likely feeling quite sensitive, open to the beauty of all that surrounds us, and aware of the path we have individually and collectively taken to reach this point.

Sun/Jupiter and Moon/Neptune form a square with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio who is scouring our depths. Cold truths revealed and faced, and…

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