Full Moon/Supermoon in Pisces~ August 29th, 2015

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The New Divine Humanity


Full Moon/Super Moon  in Pisces August 29th, 2015 ~ 3:35pm ADT ~ Emotional Clearing

Full Moons are the Culmination and Completion of All That Began on the New Moon. Full Moons are Emotional. Romance and Relationships, as well as Deep Feelings are ignited during Full Moons.

This Full Moon/Supermoon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo and  brings to Light those areas that desire reconciling and Balance within you.  Health, Day to Day Routines, Service, Sacrifice, Spirituality, Dreams and Visions, are all areas that May be triggered Subconsciously as emotional responses within you to Balance, to experience greater Harmony Within.

The Profound Watery and Emotional Depth of this Pisces Full Moon/Supermoon brings to Light ANY Disharmony within your Emotional Body. It is There for you to See, Be Present With, and for you to MOVE into Greater and Greater Levels of Harmony, through your Heart.

All Bodies impact all other…

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