Murderer Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams

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Interesting points, remarkable, really.

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This week a deranged man murdered two young journalists on live TV.  News stories reveal that the killer, Vester Flanagan, had a long history of paranoid and narcissistic behavior.  In his 20s he apparently worked as a ‘high-paid companion‘ who posted online photos of himself posing and flexing for the camera.  His bosses recommended that he seek medical treatment for his frequent threatening and aggressive behavior.  He felt that co-workers were constantly harassing him without any evidence to substantiate his claims.

News sources give his birth data as October 8, 1973 in Oakland, California, time unknown.  Here is a chart set for Noon with Solar Sign Houses.

Noon chart (time unknown), Solar Sign houses. Noon chart (time unknown), Solar Sign houses.

An outstanding feature of this chart in Mercury in Scorpio opposite Mars Rx in Taurus.  Mercury is without essential dignity in Scorpio, and Mars is in detriment in Taurus. Scorpio at its worst is a…

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