Mercury in Libra; Aug. 27 – Nov. 1, 2015 + Mercury Retrograde ♎

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Today, Mercury the messenger moves into romantic, delightful Libra. Mercury is a smooth operator in Libra and puts us in a much gentler frame of mind than we’ve been in since Mercury moved into critical Virgo on August 7th. Libras are bridge builders, whether its merging people or ideas. When Mercury travels through Libra our communication seeks ways to find peace and agreement.

Mercury in Libra gives a flair for knowing what to say, the savoir faire to say it gracefully, and an easygoing air of assurance that one’s words will be well received.-Leyla Rael

Here is where the harmonizing and balancing energies of Venus soothes, beautifies, and lends a soft glow to our speech, thought and communication. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, our thoughts turn to pleasure, romantic pursuits, the arts, or whatever appeals to our senses. It’s a time of romance, love notes, poetry and passion..for…

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