DIY Soap: How to Make Soap (Cold Process Method)

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Soapmaking has been described as one of the oldest known chemical processes.



How To Make Soap:

Cold Process Method

*Soap making pot (stainless steal pot is the best)
*Measuring beakers or cups;
*Kitchen scales;
*Thermometer (long ones used to check milk heat for coffee frothing  is perfect);
*Essential or Fragrant oils ;
*Olive Oil (use canola or rice bran as substitute);
*Coconut Oil (use palm or cocoa butter as substitute)
*Lye Solution (Sodium Hydroxide mixed with distilled water);
*Flowers, Resins, Herbs;
*Colors: henna, sandalwood, saffron, clay, juice, coffee, cornmeal, cocoa powder can produce natural colors.
*Goggles and long gloves for safety.

1. Measure out all the soft oils (olive/canola or rice bran oil) and measure all your hard oils (coconut/palm and or cocoa butter) separately. 3/3 ratio is best = 1/3 Olive, 1/3 coconut oil and 1/3 palm.

2. Place solid oils into pot and slowly melt whilst stirring continuously – reach 40-45 degrees using thermometer.

3. Place olive oil (kept at room temperature) in…

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