They Are Not Coming to Take Texas, They Are Coming to Take Texans

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Rather strange. But we have had police “mobile observation towers” (panopticons) in mall parking lots about DFW for several years now. See, also: and

Christian Patriots

[Image caption: I have news for Texas, they are not only coming to take your state, they are coming to take you!]

The on-the-ground reporting of troubling Jade Helm related activities are not dissipating. Every day, my email is filled with eyewitness accounts and photos sent to me by Americans who are alarmed and shocked at what is going on inside of their country. The unwarranted and unprecedented martial activities, resulting from Jade Helm, are serving to both anger and wake up American citizens who, otherwise, would not be paying attention.

In this update of nefarious Jade Helm activities, more Walmart plumbing issues are being reported, closed malls are having expensive guard towers retrofitted on the structures, but the most concerning development is the seemingly unlimited amount of mass casualty medical vehicles being spotted all across the country! This article provides a snapshot of each of these areas of concern with examples from…

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