Esoteric Astrology: Virgo

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Very nice piece on the nature of Virgo!

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Virgo sees how things could or should be done. It is a sign of doing, of rendering back, of harvesting the wealth of learning, and storing things away “for a rainy day.” Virgo realizes that today is the result of what was sown yesterday, and that what we do today will reap a harvest or result tomorrow. Therefore, Virgo moves in a methodical, predictable, and exacting way.

In Leo the sense of ego was developed and given full sway. In Virgo a quiet, humble responsibility is cultivated and expressed. Virgo is not out for the spotlight, and in fact usually avoids being the center of attention. Virgo is unassuming, often meek and behind the scenes, yet vital to the functioning of the whole. Therefore Virgo often does its work quietly, unobtrusively, and just because it needs to be done

Virgo has expertise in the manipulation matter, how to understand the…

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