8 Normal Experiences That Should Not Always Be Labeled a Mental Illness

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Excellent post about tendency to pathologize others. But, one was left out: some forgetfulness is NORMAL with aging and is not necessarily “Alzheimers.” Young people frequently demonize older adults this way, and it is both particularly damning and patently untrue defamation. Minor forgetfulness is common, beginning in middle age. Even for those who survive into their 80’s, dementia only occurs in a minority of the population. (20% to 25%)

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Don’t Always Label Mental Illness
“What does mental illness look like to you? If you walked by someone on the street, would you be able to detect that they are a sufferer? Many of us would struggle with this because there are so many things that cloak illness such as intelligence, prestige, style, culture, or personality. But what do you think a mental health condition is? How would you define it? Could you define it properly? A mental health condition is typically something that interferes with daily functionality and causes difficulties in every aspect of existence (social, emotional, psychological, and even physiological). Symptoms are so obvious and debilitating some times that school or work and home or community life is difficult. A mental health condition often causes behaviors, thinking patterns, and emotions that interferes with relationships, education/employment, and reality testing. This article will emphasize how important it is to refrain…

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  1. I’ll “second” the forgetfulness thing. Most make it to old age sharp as a tack and some memory loss doesn’t cancel that out.


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