Reality check, Saturn Square Neptune 2015-2016

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The Ashley Madison scandal is the first of a number similar events tied to Saturn/Neptune square described in this article as “where the shit Saturn/Reality hits the Fan, Neptune in Pisces. The BIG Bubble bursts.”

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

I am getting a deja vu writing this. I believe I have had a dream or several dreams about writing this. 

The thought that my yesterday title the end is near was too negative seems to have fit right in with the World Markets big slide “correcting itself.” No, sorry  the markets bubbles is bursting. Be forewarned. 

We are in new energies now from the planets as Jupiter is already in Virgo the sign of the harvest. You know the saying ” You reap what you sow.” And that is planet Saturn’s motto, the Lord of karma.

Jupiter is considered to be “DETRIMENTAL” while in Virgo as the planet is opposite his original ruling Feminine sign Pisces. All planets are considered in detriment when opposite their ruling signs, They are disempowered and weakened. So the big rewards are less big, and adventurous as befits humble, on budget, practical grounded  realistic…

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