August-September III

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Interesting analysis of September.

jbuss Astrology

“Coincidentally,” several posts by others have popped up that are oh-so relevant to our several Adventures here in August and merging into September…

We don’t usually speak in these terms, but I have no doubt that Ascension is also going on…

And Dr. Kim provides a broader Perspective, along with a great tool, for Clearing persistently troubling Emotions…

And here’s a great view of the current Descent of Inanna (Inferior Conjunction of Venus), post-2012…

And finally, a quiz to see if we’re doing our Identity homework…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Let’s finish up August, as I’m eager to write about some fairly remarkable events coming up in September.

Our Old Egos are due for a comeuppance at, around, and/or after the 29 August Full Moon. 

Most of us still have one foot in the Old Industrial-Era World of Exploitation…

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  1. Yes, I can relate to this very well. The message I have been getting is Earth, Earth, Earth and more earth to keep this much more persistent influx of higher energies “anchored” (I like that term) and useful. Thank you kindly for this insight. Very much appreciated!


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