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lem6960bpA Lemurian Dow Quartz wand.  Lemurians are characterized by the horizontal striations and (often) pinkish tinge.  A Dow Quartz is a Crystal with alternating faces of three and seven edges.  In modern times Lemurian Crystals were found in sand, already detached from their base.  Channeling reveals that they were coded with the story of Equality and Unity and left as a sort of time capsule in sand on a mountaintop by the inhabitants of  Lemuria before the demise of their continent.  Dow wands are particularly effective a directing Energy; Lemurians are particularly effective at Healing and at Integration of disjointed parts of the Self – Soul Retrieval.

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Speaking of Synchronicity (which we were in the Social Yintegrity post, ), I’ve “stumbled upon” (what a coincidence!) a fabulous book on just that!  It’s The Three “Only”…

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  1. beautiful crystals 🙂


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