Phoenix Love, very Virgo wealthy weekend

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I did karmic cord cutting for myself and a number of people who requested it tonight. We will process and move forwards.  Still time tonight and tomorrow if you would like to release karmic ties from old relationships.  please email me

I found the New Moon energy to be very intense and passionate. LEO! . Probably because it was exactly on my Natal PLUTO!!!!

Aug 15. Moon already squaring Saturn as I write this. 

serious heavy deep sleeps tonight. 

Moon enters VIRGO one of the Big SIGNS in the spotlight this year and next.

 Yes let’s hear it for you Virgo’s who are very humble. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER at Zero degrees which Uplifts the Saturn heavies. 

SUN Conjunct VENUS Retrograde- Love & Light literally. PHOENIX WOMAN { 21+ degrees Leo}

Phoenix, Astrology, tara Greene

Venus is Retrograde and she is being brought back to life by the Sun, great spirit, Light.. She is…

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