Leo New Moon Sun Meditation

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“This is the miracle–
Every tree becomes beautiful
When touched by sunlight;
Every soul becomes God
When touched by the Sun of Tabriz” —  Rumi 1

“This month’s New Moon takes place in gold-hearted Leo. Astrologers typically describe Leo as extroverted, playful, and creative.

How can we rekindle the light of our soul hidden within us? How can we experience the Divine Light that is our original nature? To begin with, it helps to concentrate on the light we see reflected in nature.

Find a place to meditate outside, or position yourself near a window.  Soak in the sunlight that shimmers through the air and lovingly caresses the trees and plants. Feel yourself warmed by the Sun’s rays; allow your body to be filled with its vital, life-giving magnetism.  Close your eyes and, as you inhale and exhale, breathe in sunlight until your whole body is vibrant…

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Call and Response: The Leo New Moon

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It’s another new moon: when the magically minded make wishes and astrologers attempt to divine this cycle’s intentions. The wishes you make now may indeed be super-powered, but if you don’t have a strong relationship with the archetypes, don’t expect special favors. If you rarely play your cello, don’t expect a starring role in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.


Calling Leo

Leo carries finger paints and a portable sandbox wherever he goes. He plays at everything, having never learned that life’s no fun. When he buys his groceries, he wheels his shopping cart with the passion of a diva singing to a sold-out crowd. He invites me to lunch and serves summer fruits in vibrant colors, arranging them thoughtfully on the plate, like a painter. His salad looks like the Eiffel Tower. Everything he does is worthy of applause.

Some say that admiration is all he lives for. But I know…

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New Moon in Leo; August 14, 2015, at 10:53 AM EDT ♌❂

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Forecast for August 17-21, 2015

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And the thrills keep on coming! A wild ride’s in store for love and money, with unexpected twists, messages and realizations. After which the bartender announces that last call is coming. Not yet, but soon.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for August 17-21, 2015 (6:04 minutes).

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Venus Retrograde and the Authentic Life

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New Moon in Leo: Being Concious of Self-Talk

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Just as the Moon is a key player in creating the oceanic tides, it is also a key player in the creation of our emotional tides. When the Moon is new, it is in the part of its cycle where it passes between the Earth and the Sun. During this time, the Moon and Sun appear to occupy the same space in the zodiac, from the perspective of Earth. When the Moon is new, it is a time for introspection, for us to be in touch with what we are thinking and feeling. This New Moon reminds us of the power of our thoughts and beliefs. It also reminds us of the importance of connecting to ones higher self, whether it be through meditation, being one with nature, exercise, creative expression or through peacefully practicing ones religious beliefs.

On Friday, August 14 at 7:40 am PST, the New Moon will…

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