New Moon in Leo August 14th, 2015

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The New Divine Humanity


New Moon in Leo~ 11;53am ADT  Powerful Passionate Doorway Opens wide through the Portal of Your Heart!

Leo is All Encompassing Heart displays itself through The undying Passion of the Soul. This is the Glory of Being, through the Heart.

This is The Fire to Create ~ Through “Being” the full Uniqueness of  YOU which is the very Heart of Your Soul. This New Moon, which always marks New Beginning, as you Are aligned with the Power of your Heart and Soul, Move Deeply into the Depths of Intimacy and Passion with your Soul. This is the Naked Pure Being of Your Child Like Nature. No WALLS built up around YOU and the Pureness of LIVING as Pure Being Yourself, Consciously. You to You. Then through ALL Aspects of Being. Venus adds her Beauty, Love, Grace, Joy, Romance and Bliss to this Passion of the Soul during this New Moon.


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