New Moon in Leo 8-14-15

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Sounds very fun!

Lion-cubs-image-lion-cubs-36139610-1920-1200Love is the flavor of the week and of the New Moon 21 degrees of Leo on August 14th. Whether falling in or out of love, there is an expansiveness of heart and soul that moves us to the next level. And whether a love affair with another or a love affair with life, there is so much passion and energy behind each action and sensation that everything may seem brighter, more inspiring, and more worthwhile than ever before.

The New Moon is conjunct Venus as well as Eros, the asteroid named after Venus Aphrodite’s son. This fiery stellium signals an exaltation of all forms of love, affection, and sensuality and it heightens them to the nth degree. Just to make sure we got the drift, Jupiter paired up with Cupido – another of the 4 great Love Asteroids during his entrance into Virgo on the 11th.

This is the…

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