Focused Yod 2015-08-19

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Focused Yod 2015-08-19

This is a day where you can get something done.  The best use of the energy involves communications (and maybe transportation) involving healing and healing issues.  Mercury (communications and transportation) opposite Chiron (healing and teaching) form the axis of this FY.  Mercury opposite Chiron has not yet fully perfected (that happens the next day, on the 20th), so you may not obtain full resolution just yet.  However, accomplish as much as you can.

Here is the chart:

2015-08-19 Focused Yod

[Click Image to Enlarge]

It is the only window of its kind this month, so be careful not to waste it.  And note that an important decision is part of this process.

Solar Fire Gold v8 Aug 5 2015

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Chart contains Focussed Yod)
Search From: Aug 1 2015 0:00 am
Search To: Aug 31 2015 11:59 pm

Status: Finished – 1 matches

Enters Aug 19 2015 2:36:33 am (CDT +5:00)
Leaves Aug 19 2015 9:16:18 am (CDT +5:00)

We note, also, that Bill Clinton’s Solar Return occurs on this date.  And, a Venus/Uranus Trine keeps “things” interesting.


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