Editorial: A Short Missive to Fellow Astrologers Who Read This Blog

August 5, 2015 at 6:27 pm | Posted in 2015, Astrology, Editorial | 5 Comments
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NOBODY loves to do LONG detailed analysis more than I do.  But let me encourage you to consider adopting very SHORT blog entries.  Why?  Because “things” are different now.  What do I mean?  Ten years ago, most of us used desktops and sometimes laptops to “surf” the internet and read blogs.  But, now, nearly 50% of the traffic comes from mobile devices: tablets and “smart phones.”

So, have YOU tried reading your entries on a smart phone or tablet?  If you do not like what you see, be assured your visitors will not either.  Generally, this means you need really SHORT entries that make your point QUICKLY (i.e. few words).  Here is a screenshot of my traffic shortly before this entry.  Notice that almost HALF is from mobile devices (Chrome for Android, iOS and so forth):

2015-08-05 19_14_33-Traffic

If you want visitors to actually READ what you are writing, then keep it SHORT!


  1. […] Editorial: A Short Missive to Astrologers Who Read This Blog […]


  2. […] Editorial: A Short Missive to Astrologers Who Read This Blog […]


  3. First, thank you for all that you do, and for reblogging my posts. I am honored. Second, yes, methods of access are changing. My suggestion is to have a short bit at the beginning, and then something of appropriate length for the target audience afterwards. On the one hand, the general audience may just read the short bit at the beginning, but on the other hand, there may be close friends or professional contacts who read more out of interest in the personal connection. Of course, out of respect for them, make it worth their time. Also, writing skills get better with practice if there is such intention. Lastly, I make You Tube audio-recordings of the posts that link to the posts so that someone could listen to the whole thing for a few minutes while multi-tasking instead of reading. Hopefully, the message and the meaning will continue to serve people out there.

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  4. I love this advice! And thank you for the reblog! ❤

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    • Thank you! I was thinking about writing another similar piece. The Internet is changing, and how we approach our writing and content needs to adapt accordingly. We need to be sensitive to the needs and desires of our readers. Having something to say, by itself, is not enough.

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