Astrological Patterns for Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Astrological Patterns for Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Natal Chart Analysis

First, let me state my position: I am neither particularly a HRC fan or detractor.  I agree with her on some issues (diplomacy) and (vehemently) disagree with her on other issues (gun control).  So, as much as possible, I will make this a neutral analysis and try to be fair.  (AND I think I am capable of doing that.)

This is a complex chart with many patterns, something this is not true of all birth charts.  We list the patterns in groups:

1.  Hele patterns (multiple): Hillary tends to polarize people into strong allegiances that last over time

2. Rosetta patterns (multiple): Hillary also forms many temporary allegiances that can be characterized as treacherous at times (both for and against her)

3. Mystic Rectangle: Perhaps her defining pattern.  It highlights (1) just how much Bill’s betrayal (the Lewinsky scandal) bothered her and (2) her ongoing interest in healthcare issues.  The Mystic Rectangle tends to be a rather rare pattern.

4.  Kites and Grand Trines (multiple): she has more “luck” than anyone can imagine.  Maybe she should just play the lotto and retire.  Then again, maybe American politics IS the lotto.

5.  Grand Cross: it gives her the energy to do an AMAZING amount of work, but it also leads to significant conflict with others.  Like the Mystic Rectangle, the Grand Cross is a relatively rare pattern.

We will show her natal chart repeatedly, but each time it will be filtered for different patterns:

First, we show the Hele patterns (when two or more are interlaced, we call this a “Hele Key”):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Hele Key)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

These patterns emphasize her ability to (1) form long term allegiances at the price of (2) polarizing people.  If you are truly her friend, she will stick by you through thick and thin.  But, it can be difficult to know whether or not your are truly her friend (only she really knows), and if you betray her there will be HELL TO PAY.

Here is her natal chart filtered for the Rosetta pattern (MANY of these; arguably a “Rosetta Key”):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Rosetta)

[Click to Enlarge]

The are short term allegiances that frequently sour and can turn to treachery.  It does not mean that SHE is treacherous, but it does mean that someone takes advantage of someone eventually.  She likely becomes skilled at becoming the winner in these conflicts over the course of her lifetime, especially given her other patterns (notably the Kites).  I count at least FOUR of these in play.  (That is, by itself, unusual.)  If you interact with her, then the big question becomes this one: is this a temporary allegiance (Rosetta) or a true long term alliance (Hele)?

Mystic Rectangle: we think that of all the patterns present, this one defines her (but the Grand Cross is a close second):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Mystic Rectangle)

[Click to Enlarge]

We note the four planets involved: (1) Sun in Scorpio (12th House); (2) Ceres in Taurus (6th House); (3) Juno in Sagittarius (2nd House); and (4) Hygeia in Cancer (8th House).  Interpretations: (1) Sun in Scorpio in 12th: she is very powerful at working behind the scenes.  Can she be a President and still do this? (2) Ceres in Taurus in 6th: economic woes (feast and famine); will this translate to the same pattern for the nation (BIG ups and downs!); (3) Juno in Sadge in 2nd: the Betrayed Wife of the Philandering Husband (yep, that really is who Juno is!); she was wounded by Bill far more than she will ever publicly admit; it was a BIG deal to her!  (4) Hygeia in 8th: She wants healthcare as an issue, but the 8th is tricky.  Maybe as a Scorpio she can pull it off.  But she better be careful about trying to cut the pay of nurses again.  In all fairness, I think she recognized her error and has made amends for it.

Juno in Sadge might be the most important planet for her as a person rather than a politician.  She is far more of a devoted wife and mother than she will ever let the public know.  This is because, as a Scorpio, she is afraid it might be seen as weakness.  But that Piscean Moon cares DEEPLY for her husband and daughter.  Truth be told, we will never know quite what she has gone through for them.

Hillary might can make the changes in healthcare that Obama has been trying to do if she is elected.  No doubt about it, except for the diplomacy issues (Middle East et al), healthcare *IS* her priority.

Kites and Grand Trines: again, I wish I had so many of these.  So do you.  That’s because ALMOST NO ONE has a chart that looks like this.  Kites tend to be “opportunity” and “luck.”  They are amplified Grand Trines.  She is almost drowning in them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Kites)

[Click to Enlarge]

I see at least three, but arguably four are present.  FOUR kites in a natal chart?  To speak in the vernacular: “ya gotta be kidding.”  Again, she could probably just play the lotto (repeatedly) and retire.  First house Jupiter confirms this.  But, the way she is configured, she would never do that.  That is particularly true with the Grand Cross.

Here are the Grand Trines:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (GrandTrines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

I count five (5) GT’s, and that means that FIVE Kites COULD be present.  Wow!  What else to say?  But GT’s can make a person lazy.  That would be true unless you have a T-Square or (even more powerful) a Grand Cross in the chart.  She DOES have a Grand Cross (and, like the Mystic Rectangle, these are comparatively RARE):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (GrandCross)

[Click to Enlarge]

The Grand Cross is her other “defining pattern,” second only to the Mystic Cross.  The Sun/Ceres opposition shows again, emphasizing the feast/famine issue in her life.  But, perhaps more interesting is the Astraea / Vesta opposition.  Justice opposite Tradition?  That is what she has, and it shows that Social Justice is, and always has been, a core issue in her life.  (I would say THE core issue, but we know from earlier that healthcare is at least as important as this one, and her family is most important of all.)

T-Squares: these are really almost superfluous after the Grand Cross, but we present them anyway to point out that she has an amazing amount of “energy”:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (T-Squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Personally, I think she should recruit Al Gore to re-enter politics.

Finally, we present the chart in “Beginner” format with aspects with tightest orbs emphasized.  We note the Mercury square Saturn is particularly important with her (that says she has a remarkable attention to detail and will not tolerate anyone near her being “sloppy”), Mars / Pluto conjunction near Midheaven (she could either be warlike or somehow provoke war), and finally, the Mercury / Saturn / Moon Huber Learning Triangle (an HLT3) which shows, again, that she is willing to work to “earn” her “luck.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Beginner)

[Click to Enlarge]

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HLT3)

[Click to Enlarge]


This is meant to be a neutral review.  So, let’s be clear: if you are her enemy, chances are good she will destroy you.  She can be quite merciless.  And, frequently, people do not know where they stand with her.  She can be confusing (Scorpio/Pisces).  But, overall, she is benevolent and has good intent.  More than most others, she can effect real change in the healthcare system and with regard to social justice.  (Just leave our guns alone!)

It is possible she may be associated with a (big) war.

On that issue, let me say this: she is not a person to provoke a war by herself.  However, the people she chooses to surround herself with, and the allegiances that she forms, may lead to a situation in which no other meaningful choice exists.

This is a very good chart, and it would be a particularly powerful chart for a politician (as she is) or a top trial attorney or <smile> maybe even a lotto player.



  1. Succinct. And I think you were neutral. Agree about leaving our guns alone 🙂 interesting that you think it won’t be her alone who starts a war but the people she surrounds herself with, she looks like someone who would attract a lot of shady people/ bad advice into her life and would of course extend to the Presidency. Her chart is crazy… good breakdown of it!


  2. First. I agree with you on the guns.
    1. Hele patterns (multiple): Hillary tends to polarize people into strong allegiances that last over time”
    2. Rosetta patterns (multiple): Hillary also forms many temporary allegiances that can be characterized as treacherous at times (both for and against her)

    Interesting to note: Female Leo energy does this too, Saturn Pluto and Mars are at the top of her chart in Leo. The female lioness are the hunters, she also controls the men in the pride, the female lioness can not function on her own and has to organize her pride into a functional community.

    Well, Leo’s planets tell us exactly how. Pluto Saturn and Mars.

    Death, Destruction, War, and Teaching People Cold Hard Lessons we may or may not bounce back from?

    Either way these aspects are right at the MC which means this is what she’ll be most famously known for. I mean… I like peace, but she can be a warrior but she want’s to take my right to protect myself? Not fair.

    3. Truth be told, we will never know quite what she has gone through for them.

    Primarily because Venus is locked up in the 12th house with the Sun Mercury and Chiron. This is how she maintains her stoic composure. She’s fueled by it subconsciously. In fact, she’s fueled subconsciously by everything that affects her in the 12th house. That’s dangerous for someone to be trusted with a nuke button, “Whoops I hit the button and I did it because of 1.) Ego 2.) My Relationship Issues, or because I’m trying to teach someone a lesson for some subconscious wound they caused me a while ago? Or did I throw a tantrum because I have trouble communicating with others? Who knows why I’m acting the way I am?!”

    All her important geopolitical diplomatic planets are locked up in the 12th house. This isn’t very good.. With those planets locked in the 12th it makes me think of a Wizard of Oz Complex. Super secretive and private person. Making moves behind the scenes. Benghazi e-mails? Mercury in the 12th?

    Side Note: Also my Juno is in Sag Rx. What on earth is your interpretation of what that means for me?

    4. The Grand Trines make me think that her problem with her husband is the same reason she’s running for president. To “outdo” him. She’s motivated to be “Better” than him and to un-shame herself in some way.
    5. Another note, we have Pallas Athenae in Retrograde Fueling the War aspects at the top of the chart. Athenae was a great and superior intellectual warrior, and she is Retrograde. That’s an intense combo.

    5.) She should work for the DOD. She’s an excellent military strategist and would perhaps make an excellent warrior or general. But not a president.

    We don’t want MORE wars.
    We need someone compassionate for once but I don’t see this doing any good when Venus is locked in the 12th house.
    Maybe this would make her a better leader if she’s trying to do better than Bill? But what about us? Are we supposed to eat cake while she’s has her internal tinkling contest?

    Either way this can lead to a lot of mistakes if handled incorrectly because her motivations look subconscious and not like they’re really about her ego and good of this country.
    Bill was pretty passive and females in leadership positions can prove to be quite cruel and cold because they have a lot to prove. Saturn’s placement confirms this.

    Just some thoughts I had. I am not sure what the octopus symbol is on the chart. What program are you using this with? I’m trying to find a torrent for it.


    • This was done with Solar Fire 8. SF9 is out, but I have not yet upgraded. I will withhold commentary / further analysis pending what others might wish to comment. Let us see if anyone else wishes to jump into the discussion.

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  3. Interesting discussion, and I’d like to add my two cents’ worth.

    First, I am a utilitarian astrologer, who relies on traditional planets, house placements, configurations, and aspects. I find enough redundancy in charts to support my interpretations without resorting to asteroids, fixed stars, or esoteric configurations that do more to confuse than help me get a feel for the chart.

    Second, I know this energy well. Not only does Hillary’s chart make multiple aspects to mine, but I know two people very well who were born within a couple of months of Hillary, and who also have Scorpio rising.

    One of them, a close friend, was born in late September, so has Libra in the 11th where Hillary has Scorpio in the 12th. CW also has Scorpio rising with the moon in Pisces in the 4th. She also has the three malefics (Saturn, Pluto, and Mars) in the 9th, but her Mars is in Cancer. CW has Leo on the midheaven, while Hillary has Virgo.

    I call this group of people–the Saturn/Pluto/Leo crowd–the “dictators,” especially when these planets are conjunct in the 9th. The dictators are ruled by false pride and intolerance for opinions other than their own. They are super ambitious, with the “my way or the highway” attitude and a fanatically religious devotion to their personal agendas. Saturn in Leo is marked by a selfishness that I find mystifying. Since I have a Leo sun, they seem drawn to me, so I’ve met lots of them. I always come out the loser, because they are sadistically competitive with anyone who outshines them in any way.

    I agree with Lala that the combo of Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in the 9th–especially with the exact conjunction of Pluto and Mars–all in Leo, is dangerous. This is a woman who has made lots of enemies over the years, and they are looking for revenge. I would be afraid to live in a country where she is president. She will draw fire, and I don’t want to be caught in the cross-fire. Because Hillary has Virgo on the midheaven, she presents herself as being committed to health care, but her behavior over the years tells me she is interested in controlling access to health care more than helping individuals. Remember when she was first lady and got into so much trouble because of the rampant changes she made? She backed off, officially, but continued to implement her agenda through the bureaucracies, thus paving the way for Obamacare.

    There is much too much secrecy in this chart. Yes, she came clean (to some extent) after the e-mail scandal, but only because she was embarrassed into behaving by the media and the Republicans. She gave only what was necessary to fend off the attacks.

    Not only does she have Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 12th in Scorpio, but she also has Scorpio rising, with a virtually unaspected Jupiter in the first in Sag. This makes her a great bull-shitter, but if you listen carefully, you will discover she says very little of real substance. Scorpio and Leo can manufacture any image they want, especially if ambition is strong, and Jupiter in Sag can sell it to the public, with the expansive overlay of philosophical high-mindedness.

    Moon in Pisces in the 4th is another hidden player. I know lots of moon in Pisces types. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a good, compassionate, placement, but I haven’t found it so. These people have a hard time separating fact from fantasy, will lie when they don’t have to, and remember things that never happened. Generally, the ones I know don’t like or respect their mothers, have a low opinion of women generally, and blame Mom for everything that’s wrong with their lives. Classic victims.

    Uranus in Gemini the 8th square the moon also stands out, for its secrecy, and for the ability to use (and misuse, considering placement of other planets) psychic energy. This is someone who is a psychic manipulator, but occasionally gets caught in her own web, thus the sudden upsets. I know nothing about Hillary’s relationship with her mother (or daughter) but it continues to exert a powerful influence on her.

    Finally, north node in the 7th in Taurus shows the direction she needs to grow. This is where the enduring relationships come into play. When her husband betrayed her and embarrassed her in front of the world, she maintained a stoic façade, but I’ll bet there was hell to pay behind the scenes. She may be trying to get even with Bill, and with the north node square Saturn in the ninth, she most certainly has an agenda with him. Also, I suspect she wants to repay long-term allies in some way.

    So that’s my take on Ms. Hillary. I admit to being prejudiced, I’ve never trusted her, and her chart supports my suspicions.


    • Thanks for your analysis (and explanation of preferences in methodology). As we move closer to the election, I suspect we will see offers of alternative perspectives.


    • Well. Excellent analysis. Utilitarian Astrology. Hahaha! I love it. It’s so “Leo” sun of you.

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  4. Another aspect to be examined is:
    1.) Hillarys Progressed Chart to Natal Synastry (How much she’s learned) with particular emphasis placed (perhaps draw two) One when Bill was in office the other is for the present.
    Compare aspects and identify lingering aspects or positives.
    2.) The vocalization and confrontation she’s beem doing lately. Is this merely a retrograde thing?


  5. […] with, and I have only seen them in two natal charts that I have worked with.  (The other chart is Hillary Clinton‘s.)  It gives you powerful gifts, but they are so powerful that you cannot resist the […]


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