Summer Blue Moon

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As we headfor thesecondfull moon ofJuly, theNASA sciencechannelon you-tubewith a videoexplainingthe history ofBlueMoonis expectedduring the nightFriday.NASAexplains thatthe moonmay lookblueifthecloudsfromthe eruptionof a volcanocreate theshadowsin the atmosphere.When someone says “once in the Blue Full Moon” means that something happens extremely rarely. This year means “the end of July,”as referred from the US space agency.It is the second full moon of July and according to modern folklore, when two full moons occur within the same month, then the second is the “blue” one.How did the modern term “blue moon was born?“Most blue full moons’ have a pale gray or white color, just as the moon we see any other night…

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