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Jupiter Venus, angel heart healing

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Jupiter and Venus are within 4 degrees of each other,with Jupiter and Venus set to hook up August 4th at 28 + degrees Leo. They are both being squared by Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter/Venus are 2 degree away from the Fixed star Regulus or Archangel Raphael whose intense emerald-green ray of Love is extremely healing and right from an angel’s heart.  We can tap into the hearts of Archangels now and right through until the third week in August this is extremely POSITIVE!!!! Please spread the word.

VENUS and JUPITER in LEO are the best you can get. So they are mitigating Saturn’s harsher energies. THIS IS VERY GOOD.

Saturn will turn Direct August 2nd which will begin the practical manifestation work of releasing what has been pent up. It Seems fast this Saturn Retrograde to me. We will be back into upbeat fiery good humored Sagittarius September 17th.

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