Mars Trine Chiron 2015-07-26 and Thor’s Hammer Key

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2015-07-26 Mars Trine Chiron

Let’s face it, “Mars Trine Chiron” is what some people call a “bad mental image.”  Think of King Leonidas and Forrest Gump together for an afternoon.  Imagine, if you will, that neither one can “win.”  In fact, we are told, supposedly they are getting along just fine.  It just does not fit.  But, it is happening the morning of Sunday, July 26, 2015.  It is Mars Trine Chiron.

We note the presence of TWO interlocking Thor’s Hammers (God’s Fist), what we have called in the past a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  All of this together seems pretty scary, particularly mixed into the same weekend as the Venus Retrograde and Mars Square Uranus.

Here is the chart for Mars Trine Chiron, filtered for the Thor’s Hammers:

2015-07-26 Mars Trine Chiron (Thors Hammer Key)

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  1. I, for one, am exercising extreme caution this weekend and early next week. NOT a good feeling I’m getting now…


    • Me, too. I think it is a very good time (for me) to focus on writing and research and maybe some basic house-cleaning. Definitely not out of the house Saturday / Sunday. No movie at the theater tonight! But, I did gamble on seeing “Pixels” last night at the Alamo Drafthouse: I thought it was fun though apparently a number of reviewers did not like it.

      By the way, what do you think about this Saturn Semi-Square Pluto aspect? Maybe a outer planet driver of the recent violence?

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  2. Honestly, I didn’t give a lot of thought to the semi square before reading your post, it isn’t an aspect that works well for me in mundane astrology. Your post did make me think twice about it; I don’t think by itself it is a big trigger, but it might be adding fuel to the fire, with the Uranus-Pluto square getting set off again. I could see how Saturn Rx in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn closing in on the semi square would add an extra layer of tension. The Mars-Uranus square I think is the bigger culprit in recent events. This story happened not far from where I live that’s a stressed Mars in Cancer story for sure 😦


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