Mercury conjoins Sun 2015-07-23

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2015-07-23 Mercury conjoins Sun:

Today (Thursday, July 23rd) is a bit of an odd day.  TWO Hele aspects (a “key” perhaps?) are present indicating that people are polarizing (really, CONTINUING to polarize) on multiple issues.  TWO interlocking Rosetta aspects are also present (a “key” perhaps?), and this indicates more polarization (in addition to the Hele aspects) but short-lived alliances that may be characterized by treachery.  (e.g. Undercover police infiltrating civil rights groups; undercover civil rights activists infiltrating police; etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum.  Very much “Spy versus Spy.”)

The gift of today is the GREAT ideas that you will get, and maybe some GREAT conversations.  Write it all down with an eye to act on some, most or all of it later.  (The time to act may not be for a few days.  Let things “sort themselves out.”  But, chatter with your closest allies might be worthwhile.)

Most of the time, here, Mercury is combust.  That means most of the day (and, arguably, the preceding week as well as the following week) has a bit of a problem with communications and misunderstanding.  A rather golden window exists in a Cazimi period from about 2 PM CDT to 3 PM CDT (please adjust for your time zone: 3 PM to 4 PM EDT; Noon CDT to 1 PM PDT; and so forth).  Focus your critical communications (and possibly other activities) into the window of this time if at all possible.

One other thing: once Mercury zooms past the Sun (as it is doing here), we can expect another Mercury Retrograde “soon.”  (September 17th.)

The HUGE Thor’s Hammer mentioned yesterday is still in play, and rash people may do things they (or we) regret latter.  Watch out for tempers flaring.  If you might be one of the sane, then watch for crazies.  (But, as Steppenwolf asked, “who’s the sanest of us all?”)

Here is the chart of Mercury conjoins Sun, filtered for the Hele aspects:

2015-07-23 Mercury conjoins Sun (Double Hele)

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the same chart, but filtered for the Rosetta aspects:

2015-07-23 Mercury conjoins Sun (Double Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And here is, again, the rather large outer planet Thor’s Hammer:

2015-07-23 Mercury conjoins Sun (Thors Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note the presence of grand trines.  Some opportunities MIGHT be present, but these are not particularly strong and may not be worth the risk given the problems with the Hele / Rosettas present.

2015-07-23 Mercury conjoins Sun (Grand Trines)


[Click Image to Enlarge]



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  2. Are you using Magi Astrology by chance?


    • Are you talking about a method or a software tool?

      Software tools: most of my analysis is done with Solar Fire 8 and sometimes Kepler 7. Occasionally I use a program called PAT. (A link to PAT is on the sidebar of this blog.) I have explored tools offered by Allen Edwall and others. If it is software, tell me about Magi.

      Methodology: I did look at this site:

      Though I independently developed my own work based on ideas from C G Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Grant Lewi, Anthony Louis, the UAC 98 conference (and Jim Shawvan’s work built on Lee Lehman’s), and a mentor (several, actually, but a certain key one), I see that some of the ideas there are quite similar to mine. I do still use signs and houses, but I believe that the strongest indicators are found in patterns in the sky followed by aspects.

      I do consider my work unique but acknowledge both those who had gone before me and those who have independently developed the same or similar ideas. (From what my readers have told me, some of my ideas are particularly similar to those of Richard Tarnas, whom I have neither met nor read.)

      Again, tell me more about Magi.

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      • I haven’t been able to figure out much about magi yet, but they focus on sacred geometrical aspects between planets and redefine a few things.
        I use the house system as well.

        The astrologer I am really into the MOST is probably Robert Zoller but I’m having trouble finding very much on him.
        Magi society is kind of a secret astrologer club and they have their own software. They dont use house systems or times and I find this rather confusing as to how they can be accurate because it has been said it works better than the traditional system however I can’t tell you much because in order to learn it you have to pay for membership with it.
        Its not worth the investment because I cant really test it and they don’t allow you to understand it unless you invest in it. I dunno.
        I asked because I was curious about your methods mostly.


      • Do not recall much about the work of Zoller. I remember him from the Jeane Dixon days, and I thought he was dead until I ran an internet search just now. I suppose he is not as visible as he once was. Again, have not read his work.

        The best way to understand my methods is to read the article on SUMO (Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles). What methods do you use?

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      • Placidius but I am looking for a more accurate method as Placidius does not seem to nail it down accurately.

        Zoller talks about 1-9 being the method or key behind predictive astrology. I only saw a mere clip of him talking about this in an Edgar Cayce documentary.
        I thought he could have been talking about the 9 Harmonics method but then I couldn’t find where he further talks about it the 1-9 and what he meant by that when I ran a search online. In fact I found hardly anything at all in regards to Zoller.

        That’s why I have been researching other methods.

        I mean it’s good for being general but I need the ability to be super specific and I want to be as accurate as possible.


      • I use Koch due to a conversation I have in the 1980’s. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the conversation about Koch, only the circumstances. I met the fellow at the [Famous University] Computer Center back in the 1980’s. The fellow had a degree in mathematics, was an expert computer programmer, and was an expert astrologer. He did not disclose to many in that setting his hobby but he did to me. Based on his background and rather persuasive discourse, I made the switch and did not think much about it since. Based on this web page, I think I can see why the fellow preferred it:

        That said, I do not take the houses TOO seriously. I view the boundaries of the houses as being rather fuzzy instead of “bright lines.” See, also:

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      • Thank you!


      • Edit: although I only had ONE conversation with him, I count him as a mentor. It was a particularly powerful and important conversation. HE was the individual who looked at my birth chart, looked at me (a twentysomething), and looked at the birth chart again. He said, “you are pretty good with symbol manipulation.” I said, “yes, I suppose so. I like computer programming.” He said, “well, yes, you would be good at that. But, I had something else in mind.” I said, “What?” He said, “I think you could be an astrologer….” We talked a bit longer, and I am fairly certain he was the fellow who convinced me to use Koch instead of Placidus. (As I think about that, how could that be? Oh, I remember: I had a micro-computer program that could do basic charts. But, I had only played with it only a few times. Maybe this one: )

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      • That’s fascinating.

        Do you mind sharing your interpretation of retrograde planets?

        For instance I am a teacher with Saturn slightly retrograde tightly conjunct my MC.

        I every time I look up an interpretation its always doom and gloom. Double karma. Well thanks universe with that logic it makes me think the important planets hate me. Haha.

        If a retrograde planet appears to be going backwards, I kind of see it as the planet isn’t heavily emphasizing this point too much.

        Magi sees retrogrades as gifts.

        If you know how many important big influential planets I have in retrograde you can probably understand how I feel a sense of doom at modern astrologers interpretation of retrogrades.
        I’m interested to know how you interpret them.
        I am at my desktop today and will get to all these interesting links you have posted for me.


      • Retrogrades are very tricky because they are only “real” in the world of astrology (and NOT all astrology). As you know from your training in astronomy, retrogrades really only reflect an observer bias.

        However, we can NEVER completely rid ourselves of “observer bias” and in that way they become useful. While retrogrades may not be “real” from a heliocentric viewpoint, as far as I know none of us live on the Sun. Where we do live colors our viewpoints. For example, I live in Texas (and I LIKE it), so I admit to having a bit of a good ole boy redneck viewpoint compared to other astrologers. It is an unavoidable component of who I am, and trying to “rid” myself of it is silly and stupid. THAT is why my charts are almost ALWAYS set in Plano TX. It is where I am, and to some degree it is a critically important aspect of WHO I am. Any words I use to describe a chart will be colored by that. Setting my typical analysis in New York or LA or Boston or London would be silly unless I had a compelling reason to do so. We ALL have SOME kind of observer bias, and retrogrades tend to reflect that.

        My interpretation of “Saturn Retrograde” is dramatically different from that of most. “Double Karma”? Really? That is the BS of someone who does not understand it. Since SATURN RULES RETROGRADES, a RETROGRADE SATURN IS SUPER STRONG. It is not EASY, but it is STRONG. You will meet tests, but if/when you overcome them you become far, far stronger than those that do not have your configuration. In that sense I would agree with the Magi: it is a gift.

        Other retrogrades, however, may not be so benevolent. But all of them do contain one particular gift: when the planet is retrograde and others are having problems, the native born with a particular retrograde planet will find a certain hidden strength. Exactly what that strength is depends on the nature of the retrograde, of course. And, again, “strength / weakness” is a matter of interpretation, reflecting again the nuance of observer bias.

        What is your interpretation?

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      • It’s interesting that is why I thought you did Magi astrology because your focus is primarily upon patterns and aspects. Magi focuses heavily upon aspects and patterns. Sacred geometry etc.


      • Well, I do not recall explicitly mentioning Sacred Geometry. I have seen a number of “maps” of Sacred Geometry from different individuals. All of them varied (especially on what is the “evil number,” 13 for Christians, 9 for Chinese / Buddhists, other numbers for others) and the inconsistency led me to back away from using ANY of the systems I saw. I am also a bit skeptical of the “World of Forms.” See, also: While the idea sounds appealing, the most credit I can give to it would be in Jung’s theory of Archetypes. But an archetype does not necessarily exist “out there” in some kind of objective reality. It is a symbol we all carry, and it still could be a reflection of something else.

        So, yes, I focus on patterns and aspects, but my viewpoint is a bit different from those I have met (so far) that discuss “Sacred Geometry.” To someone in Sacred Geometry, as I understand it, a so-called “perfect circle” exists “somewhere,” it is indivisible, and all other circles are reflections of it. From my viewpoint, matter and energy coalesce into various patterns and when those patterns have sufficient similarity we superimpose the idea of a “circle” on those patterns. We reify the idea of a particular pattern into a “circle” because that is most convenient for us to process (think about) but, in fact, the true pattern (if one exists) may be something entirely different (and possibly beyond our ability to understand it).

        As such, I do not totally reject those who use astrology charts as a sort of “Rorschach” to stimulate the intuitive faculties of their thinking. HOWEVER, to the degree that it is possible, I am avoiding that, or at least avoiding doing much of that myself. What I do, instead, is a rudimentary interpretation of what should be obvious about the patterns and then leave the individual interpretation of them open to the individual reader (again, my emphasis on the methodology of SUMO). If they wish, individual readers can leave comments and ask questions. In turn, this facilitates understanding of the patterns by more people, at least to the degree that people participate in discussions such as this one.

        Admittedly, sometimes I break my own rule and interpret far more than I should. But avoiding any idea of being “perfect” is part of the point here. A certain amount of variance is almost always present in everything that can be measured and discussed.

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      • Magi I believe uses Fibonacci to calculate predictive events.

        So the chart isn’t just a circle really, they also dont use house systems and they stay within 3 degree orbs.

        Its bizarre but if all life follows a fractal spiral pattern I can’t see how this method of charting wouldn’t make sense.

        I sent them a info request on their software etc.

        We shall see what they say.
        I pulled a few Koch charts today. Looking forward to reading more from you.


      • Well, the Fibonacci sequence (for anyone reading this besides “us”: has been used to solve a number of problems quite successfully (or so I have read). I am a bit unclear how they would apply it to astrology, but as a theoretical construct I embrace a similar concept myself to the point of including a “Sierpinski carpet” as an image in one of my posts to make a point about astrological theory (; ).

        Let’s face it, not only is the entire planet at a huge turning point (taking decades to process), but so it astrology itself. Looking backwards (e.g. Project Hindsight) may be fine, but I prefer looking forwards. (In the end, though, if all truly is a circle both approaches should reach the same destination “eventually.”) I think that means doing things like integrating the Fibonacci numbers (and maybe other series?) into astrology is probably nothing short of brilliant. The worst thing that can happen is that we say “it did not work” and write it off as a “learning experience.” But, if it works, it could be the key that unlocks the puzzle (of how things fit together).

        I do not know how their particular system works, but, I say, why not?

        P.S. In practice you will find only slight differences between Koch and Placidus houses in most charts. Others have said that, and I agree. But, if precision is a must, then I (still) think Koch provides a better result (sometimes it does differ a bit).

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      • I found this today and thought i’d send it to you. I fiddled with charting by hand today and using this method, no houses.


      • Quite interesting! I have not studied David Cochrane’s work in depth, but what I know of it I like. (Obviously, one of the tools I use is Kepler!) That said, you might like this:

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      • I just read this. It is fascinating. However with this method the earth is no longer at the center of the sequence. Not plotting the earths data I think is the problem in making it “work” accurately. It gets into some complicated math. Math isn’t my forte by any means however I am starting to enjoy it thoroughly investigating all of this.
        I noticed fiddling with my charts as I do not have software the heliocentric charts plot this way.
        I also was fiddling with planetary mass and reducing them to 9 to see if they correlated into what particular box they should go in to represent their influence. I believe planetary mass should be called in to account as well as proximity and you can tell the amount of influence that planet is going to have upon you during a transit electromagnetically so to speak. What are your thoughts? From what I saw the planets roughly reduced the same but I know there has to be a better formula for calculating a planets exact precise level of influence.
        I love physics and astrology. They work! I’m so pleased to see astronomy and astrology starting to find a connection for each other again! So yay! I will fiddle with all of this more tomorrow and share what I learn. Should we really be charting circles? That’s my biggest question.
        Perhaps we need can pull accurate full life charts with this method. The 1-9 and fibonacci being the key!


      • I am not a physicist. However, I seem to recall some existing work being done in astronomy / physics about the relationship of mass of planets to each other. I do not know the details so I cannot address that well. re: math: some very good tools exist for helping with this. If you are at a university or have a friend with “sufficient access,” then you can use tools like Mathematica to help solve some of these problems. See, also: and

        You are indirectly alluding to another problem / situation: a revolution in astrology software is waiting to happen. While the tools we have (e.g. Solar Fire & Kepler and so forth) are very good, so much more can be done. And, I think eventually it WILL be done. Imagine if somehow a tool like Mathematica (or Matlab or Octave or….) and a tool like Solar Fire could be “married” (talk to each other; send data bidirectionally). Imagine the questions that might could be explored!

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      • Yes! Very much! I can’t wait for science to catch up.

        Perhaps it -is- generational but tight retrogrades all along the 8th, but most in Saturn and Jupiter ruled houses in the 10th and 11th. Those planets are all retrograde within 30 degrees. They’re loopdie looping all at the same time and same place in the sky almost right over my head in my natal within 30 degrees of my MC.

        Jeez. If it felt truly generational I feel like I could get along withy generation better. I’m 29 by the way.

        So.. I’ll pull some test charts to random birthdates around my age to see what the state of their Saturn Uranus and Neptune’s and what they look like.

        Right now I do not have access to any astrology software or university. I run my charts through
        and I did download a piece of software yesterday but its… Confusing.


      • At 29 you have finished your first Saturn Return. You probably had a major life transition point in the past two years (or maybe now). Marriage, divorce, birth, death or something else rather major. Generational planets, particularly Jupiter out, create a sort of “stage” which players play upon. A particular inner planet pattern may live and react rather differently within two different outer planet configurations. Software: if you must use “free” software, try here: If you can afford a few hundred dollars, consider starting with Solar Fire ( PAT is not free, but is a good “midpoint” between Solar Fire and the “free” (but sometime time consuming) software:

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      • I had a marriage and divorce and near death experience at 23 almost 24 in Los Angeles and moved back to Georgia.
        That would seem fitting for PLUTO R ♏️. Haha. I don’t think I have fully returned on Saturn. Last time I checked I was out 3-5 degrees I think?
        The NDE pretty much changed the direction of my life spiritually.
        As for big events and shaking transitions I seem to have those all the time.

        The past 5 years have been rough.

        Either way thanks for the links! This helps so much. Jupiters all the way in my first house direct. He left the big boys for the second act.
        Im seriously thinking about throwing our house systems for now and focusing on aspects.


      • As I said earlier, sometimes I use houses, but not much. They are a fallback position, meaning that I use them if they can provide clarity in an unclear situation. I almost never do Horary, but when I do they are essential. But the patterns and aspects are what are critically important to any analysis that I do. And I like the feedback of others. What was YOUR day like when XYZ pattern / aspect was happening? Did it interact with your natal chart? Was it useful as a predictor to have this knowledge?

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      • Venus Rx in Leo ♌️& Virgo ♍️.
        I have affectionately named this transit until September 6:
        “Pride & Prejudice”
        Haha! Isn’t that just a perfect name?


      • I agree. I love feedback. Which is why I really want to go down to precise dates. If the Fibonacci is right, we can, in theory, plot life charts.
        Do you do or have any advice on chart rectification? What about decants? Do you use the Vertex?


      • Ah, I see an important distinction in our approaches. I am talking about capturing the data “as you go” (in “real time” so to speak), and you are talking about retrospectives. Both approaches are valid. In fact, if combined, the two become much more powerful than either one alone. Hmm, interesting.

        As far as rectification goes, I don’t usually worry about it. On very rare occasions I will attempt it, but not most of the time. I explain why this is true in this article: (Having the “exact” ascendant is not as critical to my approach because the houses are of secondary, maybe tertiary, importance. AND, I just don’t believe that house boundaries are “bright line” dermarcations but, instead, fuzzy gray areas that are blurred. It is aspects & patterns that matter most. Houses, fixed stars, points like the “Vertex,” etc. are “gap fillers” i.e. If we cannot get a read from aspects / patterns then we fall back to these other tools. (And, we do this at the risk of “overfitting”: )

        I do not use the Vertex, but I am not opposed to it. It just is not my central focus.)

        Most see houses as being clear cut, something well defined like this:
        I see a house boundary (and the ascendant) as looking something like this: or this: There is NO bright line….

        House boundaries form something like this at the time of an event:

        The “seed crystal” is, of course Ketarke: (Others use a different spelling from me. I am not certain mine is “correct,” but the original word was Greek and in a different alphabet anyway. (So, multiple interpretations are possible.))


      • Yes! So where is this new software to bridge this gap? Wouldn’t using decants be good enough? Especially if we started all charts at 0• cancer like in the fibonacci chart?
        See! You’re starting to sound like a Magi astrologer! That’s why I asked. Maybe you are one and you don’t realize it yet. 🙂


      • The new software is waiting to be born. I am not certain whether it will be grown from existing tools or whether something totally novel will emerge. As an aside, are you a Magi astrologer? And, if so, when did you realize it?

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      • No! I am not a magi astrologer by any means. I have to pay money for that title. I was captivated by Zoller. I adore fractal theory and fibonacci. What I know of sacred geometry and Pythagoras just “works”

        I just was looking for a more accurate method and wanted to be more exact in readings. I want to understand it scientifically. Circles are archaic when it comes to charts. If we know this why are we all still using it?

        But from what I now know, why are we using circular charts? Why are we screwing with 1-12 except for mere constellation subsections?
        Why do you need houses if we can make the ascendant the same and start at 0• cancer. Then we don’t really need a birth time more than we do a birth date. Do we?


      • While my specific methods differ from yours, I applaud your underlying thinking. THAT is the kind of thing I am hoping to see from others who visit here. Evaluation of alternative frameworks may prove to be absolutely essential to develop a SCIENCE derived from astrology. We are in agreement on this.

        The 1-12 divisions ARE arbitrary and essentially historical in nature. My understanding is that, actually 88 major constellations exist! (But, you may know more about this than I do since you study astronomy also.)

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      • Well I basically have a chart tailored to relationships.

        Isn’t that kind of life anyway? One big relationship?

        If you cant pull it up on your chart go to Go to free horoscope then to Extended Chart Selection.
        I use Nessus, Sado, Chiron, POF, Vesta, Juno, Ceres, Pallas, Apollo, Eros, Psyche and Sapho and the Vertex.
        The thing is there is no way I can do anything with the other 88 constellations, further more fixed stars and other constellations I simply can not plot because the programs don’t offer the option of including them.

        Nobody includes these as options in the asteroid list, hypothetical planets or fixed stars.
        I know for a fact Arcturus or the great bear is super important.

        But I simply can’t find a program that has the ability to plot it. I use Alnilam, the center star on Orions belt but because its fixed it’s always in the same place. Doesn’t really tell me much but that star is really important to me. I normally like to have it on the chart out of comfort but in a nutshell its placement is useless as some of these stars are forever away. I try to stick with whats in my immediate environment. Using the normal constellations and houses as just.. Rough archetypal Markers to show me where I am at the energy behind the two points.


      • Although I am a coder (among other things), my coding skills are not good enough to write an astro program from scratch. (And, even if they were, my time constraints would not permit me to do so.) As I mentioned in another reply, the program you need is waiting to be born. (That’s not to say it will not happen, but no one has done it yet to my knowledge.)

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      • Do me a favor.
        Pull up a synastry chart of DOB: Oct 26, 1947 TOB: 8:02AM Chicago, IL Female
        DOE: November 8, 2016 TOB: 11pm Washington, DC.


      • I can do as you ask, but it might be a bit like that Geico Genie. Are you sure that is what you want? How about we analyze November 8, 2016 first? And why 11 PM? Why not some time like 8 AM on the East Coast or when things close on the West Coast?

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      • Because they have to count the vote and that normally doesn’t get done until around 11 then you factor in a miscount. Or cheatingg… Etc. I left room for a margin of error. What?! I thought you were the one preaching about it’s impossible to be exact. Make sure your Sado and POF and all those interesting asteroids are also turned on.
        Why view them both separately? I want to know how hillary’s day looks and what aspects are happening at that point in time.
        Ugh. Just lookit.


      • All good questions. Not sure how to make Sado show in Solar Fire. I use four major asteroids (Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres) and Chiron in addition to the standard planets. I will put up a chart, maybe several. I suppose you are right: probably time to explore this process.

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      • By the way, what did you think about “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”?

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      • I have not seen it!


      • Well, let me recommend that you see it right away. It is set in Savannah, GA…. 😉

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      • Must see!


      • Try this:


      • Links to other blogs can be achieved several ways, and several strategies are useful. If your primary blog is a business blog, you might consider setting up an additional WordPress blog for speculative astrology. (That keeps your business blog “clean” since it is primarily a marketing tool.) The “reblog” tool is useful for certain posts, and you can always hotlink from a post (which works well) and from a comment (which is OK but not as clean as a link from a post).


      • Ok ok. So what of predictive astrology then?

        How can you discuss those bright line predictions some astrologers can make? Like Zoller. Okay. I get he used quatrains too. There is a margin of error there.

        I know Nostradamus used both trance like states if you wanna go in to Jung’s theory of the subconscious and archetypes and astrology.

        What do these astrologers have we dont with the whole charting system?

        What about the method ancient astrologers used? How were they more exact than us?

        How was Zoller able to pinpoint a terrorist attack on 9/11 and what the hell could he see happening in the chart and what flipping chart method was he using?

        It couldn’t have possibly been a coincidence.
        Even then there are plenty more “serendipitous” coincidences going on with astrologers hitting the nail on the head in predictive events.

        He obviously reduced the charts 1-9 and this is pretty much the only thing I remember him saying of relevance.

        “If they understand the key to astrology are the numbers 1-9 it’s rather simple.”

        We reduce angles to the 1-9?
        9 harmonic charts? Physicists apparently adore those, too.

        I can’t find any info or work the guys done online except this 55 book I can’t afford.

        Even then what signifies an Air Plane- mercury? Twin towers- Jupiter? pluto destruction and Saturn somehow weirdly squared off? Pluto conjunct Saturn Trined with Mercury and Jupiter? Pluto conjunct Mercury? Squared with Jupiter & Saturn? What symbolizes that?!

        Look I would feel terrible to pull a chart and miss and obvious “danger” warning.

        Also I watched this documentary on Dark Matter or the “web” that connects all planets together.
        Wouldn’t hurt to see how synapses fire in the brain under the same fractal method?
        It’s funny newton was an astrologer because he is the one who proposed the theory of gravity. Which they mention gravity several times and an objects mass in relation to the dark matter or web. Did he know this because of astrology?


        Couldn’t we just use neuroscience to help explain dark matter?
        I’m rambling but…
        I. Just. Want. To. Understand. More. Deeply.

        Better yet. How do -you- work a chart from start to finish?
        And what kind of computer program do we idealistically need to chart fractal/Fibonacci charts. We can use the 1-9 house system. Lets make one!


      • My understanding is that Zoller did NOT “pinpoint” the 911 attacks. See, also:

        So the explanation of how he did it is simple: he didn’t. But his general prediction has been interpreted that way by story tellers. That is the source of the magic.

        Nostradamus does not “pinpoint” anything either. His predictions “work,” but they tend to be difficult to interpret except in hindsight. I am not saying he is wrong, but I am questioning the idea of pinpoint accuracy in astrology. If anything, the work of Zoller (broad predictions) and Nostradamus (broad predictions) supports my idea of diffuse gray lines and tendencies and predispositions instead of some idea of a bright line and pinpoint accuracy in astrology.

        Again, this is why I like to hear of the experiences of others. What was THEIR experience during a particular pattern and time. I remember 9/11. The news report of the first crash was on at 9:02 AM As it was being reported, the second plane crashed at 9:03 AM Later, the media claimed it all happened at 9:15 AM. (A lie, or at best inaccurate.) However, the accurate times are (now) available on Wikipedia:

        What stands out about this chart is the Moon v/c in Gemini (ruler of Mercury) and Mercury on Ascendant. I remember I ran the chart at the time and noted that and just confirmed it again. But the TRADITIONAL interpretation of Moon v/c is “nothing will come of this.” I would say that was WRONG. Quite a bit “came of this.”

        See, also:

        I use a different interpretation of voids (and have for many years): the outcome is unpredictable; either nothing will come of this or the result will be unexpected or perverse. Moon v/c is like the Geico Genie that fulfills the wish for “a million bucks.”

        The Arab terrorists carried off the attack in a void. I doubt they obtained their desire (beyond the attack itself) but one might argue “they got what they were asking for” in a karmic way. (i.e. They brought harm to themselves consequent to their act of evil.) I have wondered, to this day, if they consulted an astrologer before they did the attack. (My understanding is that astrology is much more accepted in Middle Eastern culture.) What astrologer would recommend an attack during a Moon v/c?

        By the way, we have obvious danger warnings ALL THE TIME. But, they do not necessarily manifest. I suspect that the reason this is true is because we have CHOICE in at least some (most?) matters. I also leave the question open: why do disasters manifest in some charts but not others. (And I do not accept the old “tradtitional” methods as a slam dunk answer to that.)

        Consider the following:

        We can easily see the danger signs in that chart, and the Solar Maps map pinpoints (there’s that word again!) that location. BUT, how could we have FORECAST it? WHY THIS LOCATION? What made this Mars square Sun cause that huge explosion?

        I have seen the long drawn-out answers of the “traditionalists,” but more than a few sound like overfitting: (i.e. a theory that predicts everything predicts nothing:

        This is the main (valid) criticism of “science” against astrology: astrological theory is not “falsifiable.” I would like to see astrological theory built that (1) IS falsifiable but (2) holds up.

        My work, by itself, is unlikely to achieve this goal. However, some day someone may discover this blog who *IS* able to make it work. If that happens, then my goal will be achieved. Maybe that is what the Quintile Kite of 2046 will bring (if it is not to happen sooner).

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      • Hang tight. I see Neptune Rx and Uranus Rx and Sado on the IC
        I see Venus and POF on the MC. Sado and POF are in a critical degree.
        Pluto and Saturn are in opposition in critical degrees.
        1 grand trines between Mercury, Pluto Neptune Rx, another if you count Uranus RX.
        I mean I see it implicated quite clearly but I also chart the lesser dealt with asteroids. Like Sado, POF etc.


      • Which chart are you looking at? 9/11? If you want, I can put up a post, and we can move this thread of the conversation there….

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      • Yes create a new post. Let me figure out if I can screenshot you a view of the Sept 11 chart I pulled. I can possibly link you?


      • Yes, we can link to each other’s blogs. Not sure what tools you are using, but if you are on Windows then Greenshot can be useful:


      • I wonder what planets you and I share that makes the conversation so fascinating and interesting. 🙂


      • In theory, all of them. (But, they are likely located in different positions. 🙂 ) Too bad you are in Atlanta, and I am in DFW. Otherwise, we could meet for lunch.

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      • Very much. An astrologer from Texas? Didn’t think they had your kind out there!


      • I have no doubt that I am an anomaly. I could talk at length about the perils of such efforts in this location, but I won’t. I am certain you can deduce some of them.

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      • I’m in Atlanta. You can probably do the same.


      • Curiously, though, sometimes we can thrive in certain places that might seem counter to our expectations.


      • And as for my interpretation of retrograde planets, I don’t believe I answered that question you asked.

        I understand retrograde to be “apparent motion”, too, yet traditional astrology is too black and white with these systems and leans so heavily on the archetype.

        They sometimes remind me of the blind leading the blind because most of them are mystics not Philosophers, Teachers or Scientists, they accept it because thats what so and so said. Yet they can not prove it or answer some pretty fundamental questions that should enlighten people on the way things work.

        So because I’ve been studying for 3 years I did this crazy thing yesterday when I thought for myself for once.

        In regards to me being the querent with my own electromagnetic field that is influenced by the electromagnetic forces of vastly larger planetary energies would this actually be an observer bias?

        Going with my intuition, and what I feel is accurate, instead of the mystic research. I am no computer programmer and am very hands on about it. I’d rather work my thoughts out by doodling them in my notebooks and charting by hand.

        Last night I was using the Fibonacci sequence to calculate graph and plot my own Natal’s with the no house method.

        In the grand scheme of things. What I learned through this and through our interactions, Scientifically speaking, from outside of astrology and the self or our planet, yes, saying such a thing is, as you said, in fact an observer bias.

        If I were to speak of the subject’s generally, of course I wouldn’t speak like I am an astrologer I’d speak on it according to science and I am a null omnipresence.
        I think It’s the accepted archetypes thrown around that were throwing me completely off.

        So, let’s look at what happens when you wave a certain level of electromagnetic energy over an object.

        The planet does a little “loopdie loop” on the ecliptic.

        Either way whether it looks to be backwards, forwards or upside down isn’t the point unless its influence effects me.

        It’s the fact the planet spends more time directly overhead spilling forth and pouring it’s presence onto whatever it has close contact with.

        This means the energy will spend a longer time “charging” or “influencing” said object.

        Like static in your hair.
        The energy does not change in retrogrades, we know the planet doesn’t actually go backwards.

        Nor does that energy direct elsewhere.
        The energetic influence, after really sitting down to think of how retrogrades act and influence me, it seems it would just intensify, ramp up or charge said object with it’s energy.
        They are all the big boys of the solar system. I have everybody but Jupiter in retrograde.

        Looking at it like a gift is kind of hopeful for me.

        I carry:
        Saturn 7 deg. Sag Rx
        Uranus 21 Degrees Sag Rx
        Neptune 5 Deg Cap Rx
        Pluto 5 D Sco. Rx.

        I can not say I am not intensely rebellious, defiant, inventive, love science, fascinated with death and religion and spend a large portion of my time thinking of ways to bridge a very large painfully obvious gap in the two.
        Discerning fact from myth.

        Questioning the meaning of life. Angst and existential crisis could have been my middle name when I was younger. I’m not over emotional about mysticism or astrology.

        I have a very cold rigid disciplined minded teacher aspect to me especially when it comes to issues of philosophy or higher knowledge.
        My moral compass is strong. I can not lie. Nor can I tolerate those that do. I am excellent at reading people. So much so it used to make my relationships very difficult because I would make people feel very exposed because I learned apparently other people cant see that deeply into others or care to.

        I am also extremely intuitive and empathic, I was born knowing things about the universe that society couldn’t connect the dots with and found myself frustrated in school arguing points I knew at the core of my soul were right but couldn’t prove it to save my own argument. Only to see years later science finally figured it out.
        That happens all. the. time.

        I draw from psychic and spiritual endeavors but insist on being methodical, realistic, practical and rigid on the bounds of which I use it.

        This though is only what I can tell you of what I know of my character and my past as “objectively” as I possibly can.

        I’d love for you to tell me what you think of that interpretation.

        Now what about planets like mercury and venus who have little to no electromagnetic field? Why are they used so heavily in astrology if they have no natural influence or pull and their only power would be to obscure the suns electromagnetic field?


      • Much food for thought in your post. Since I want to reply promptly, I am writing a bit of a shorter reply due to some time constraints.
        (1) re: electromagnetic fields v. use in astrology: astrology pre-dates the birth of Christ but electromagnetic fields were only discovered in the 1800’s. The use is traditional. While other arguments likely can be made, I suspect that this is the “main” reason why.
        (2) Multiple retrograde planets: all the ones you listed are generational planets. They affect not only you individually but your cohort as well. Worth looking at it that way. Said differently, what messages / lessons are being brought by my cohort?
        (3) “My moral compass is strong.” That sounds good to some until you carry the cross. I feel your pain. Being unwilling to compromise on moral and ethical issues can lead to a difficult life sometimes. Like you, I also prefer that path.
        (4) “Questioning the meaning of life. Angst and existential crisis could have been my middle name when I was younger.” Yep. Same here and maybe getting worse about it.

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