Mars Trine Neptune 2015-07-08

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We all know what Mars Trine Neptune means.  (OK, a fair number of you do not.)  It is the Slick Willie Teflon Traveling Salesman aspect of the guy that sells you something too good to be true and by the time you realize what has happened it is too late to ever get your money back.  For politicians, Mars-Neptune can be a gift in their birth chart.

This aspect happens roughly twice in a two year period, and it is happening again on July 8, 2015.  This particular edition of that aspect is associated with a Rosetta formation (unstable alliances that just do not last) that contains (1) the South Node (taking the easy way out, repeating the same mistakes then regretting them later) and (2) Juno (the jealous, angry, and betrayed wife) among others.  The message is loud and clear.

So, before you make the mistake, listen to this: WE TOLD YOU SO!

Here is the chart, filtered for the Rosetta:

2015-07-08 Mars Trine Neptune (Rosetta)

[Click to Enlarge]

We note, also, that a Huber Learning Triangle (specifically a HLT 3 by Solar Fire’s terminology) is ALSO connected to the South Node (taking the easy way out) as well as Saturn (tests and difficulties) in Scorpio (power, control, and domination) as well as Juno (issues of betrayal):

2015-07-08 Mars Trine Neptune (HLT 3)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Listen to the patter if you will, and enjoy the show.  But, again, if you buy into the product or sign on the dotted line for the “commitment,” remember that WE TOLD YOU SO!  

Those who do not “learn the lesson” are doomed to repeat….

…repeating the same mistakes expecting different outcomes.


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  3. deception yes indeed …….. rolf harris mesmeric style
    interesting betrayal with juno ……def. ass. with trouble

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  4. the man has a grand trine nep in scorpio mars in cancer moon in pisces ………mesmeric rolf harris style …….cobra

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    • Not sure which one(s) you are referring to. I almost never delete posts, and when I do it is because they contained some kind of serious error or issue (and I virtually always put up a placeholder page in its place).


  5. things I put in vanished …..did u get any mentioning the queen eg ?

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    • Not sure. Many posts since you last visited.


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