Venus and Jupiter in one’s chart

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Blazing Light, Love's Song

With Venus and Jupiter brilliant in the sky together, here are some thoughts on them in one’s chart using esoteric astrology principles. Both planets can represent the high vibration of causal wisdom (Soul and triadal understanding) as well as alignment with the most expanded and sublime aspects of pure Being (Venus and Jupiter respectively). But first one has to check in with oneself to see how one is living these two planets.

Traditionally, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. This means that Venus is in rulership if it is in either of these signs and dignified if it inhabits either the 2nd or 7th house regardless of the sign it might be in. (I do not agree with the carte blanche idea of a planet “falling” in certain signs. Instead, I look for the overall energetic of the planet as it demonstrates through a chart.)

On the traditional or exoteric turn…

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