New Moon (Cancer) 2015-07-15 T-Square and Grand Trine

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New Moon (Cancer) 2015-07-15 T-Square and Grand Trine

The New Moon (NM) of July 15, 2015 follows the culmination of a Mars / Pluto opposition (typically occurs about once every two years) and precedes a Mercury / Mars conjunction (typically a once a year event unless a Mercury Retrograde makes it happen three times).  What does that mean?

Let us clarify: one of those tends to make people really angry and do things they sometimes regret later.  The other tends to make people really angry and say things they regret later.  BOTH of them are happening TOGETHER.  (And they set the stage to pull the trigger on the upcoming Blue Moon.)

Solar Fire shows a T-Square pattern with Vesta in a square relationship to both Mars and Pluto, but really the Vesta / Uranus midpoint more precisely squares them.  (Vesta tends to be tradition but can be perverse sex, Uranus tends to be surprises and revolutions and can also be perverse sex.)  While the NM itself seems relatively benevolent, it will likely occur as part of an activating event that may precipitate potential violence, revolution of dangerous events at or near this time.  (Or, it COULD be really, Really, REALLY good sex.  Take your pick.)

Here is the chart, filtered for the T-Square:

New Moon 2015-07-15 T-Square

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A Grand Trine (grand fire trine) involving Vesta, Hygeia, and Pallas is in play.  Since these are asteroids, their effects may not be as obvious, and the opportunities may not be as obvious.  To those who do see and seize them, these may involve “battlefield promotions.”  (These may be either literal or symbolic.)

Notice, also, the ABSENCE of air and the PREPONDERANCE of water.  People are *NOT* thinking during this time; they are “emoting.”

Here is the (same) chart (filtered to show the Grand Trine):

New Moon 2015-07-15 Grand Trine

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As noted previously, this NM occurs between two full moons in the same month, the second one being a blue moon.

We also note the presence of a number of Huber Learning Trinagles.  Here are two of the several charts:

New Moon 2015-07-15 HLT1

New Moon 2015-07-15 HLT3

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that Pallas participates in both of these HLT’s as well as the Grand Trine.  We suspect that this indicates a strong “Pallas” influence in this NM.

Some other sites related to this NM:


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  3. Hi Grandtrines, hope you are well! What do the stars say about the Jade Helm 15 situation? I am quite worried about all the hype and paranoia of it all. Can you please look into it? Regards Gia x


    • Wow! I had not heard about that. And, I am not certain what to say. So, with little information to inform my decision, I will say this. Situations like this remind me of the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson. (See, also: Most of these stories / rumors / conspiracies are full of poop. Alas, only one need be true to be the downfall of us all. This leaves us with the problem of vigilance that can border on “paranoia.” False positives discredit us; false negatives endanger us.

      Again, of this particular situation, I know very little.

      That said, I will say that the ongoing Uranus / Pluto square (that is now breaking up and exerting its final influence before moving on to the next set of collective lessons), and some of the disturbing patterns we have seen (especially now, in July of 2015) leave me a bit worried about situations like this. Thanks for passing this on.


      • Update: an attempted Horary analysis did not yield an answer. See, also:


      • Thank you for your input. That is exactly how I feel about it-it could just be conspiracy theory running wild, but with all those worrying aspects combined with actual the economic & political situation (next year elections), and incidents like the recent church shooting- anything could happen… Even if it is a “harmless” military exercise, it could only take a relatively small incident to escalate into full martial law etc. etc. Perhaps going on a holiday abroad might be good idea 😀
        What about September/October?


      • Seems like we are on the same page, and the horary chart confirms. We ARE in unstable times. And, the “Butterfly Effect” ( seems to apply to the human condition as much as anything else. Whether or not “anything will come of this” related to this particular topic is a different question.

        (1) Where would you go abroad? Looks like everyone is having problems. Greece? 🙂

        (2) I tried more advanced forecasts (several months in advance) back in 2013, but the readership was not responsive to that. The one to two week window with a “front page” (probably for my more serious readers) and a “posts page” (probably for the more casual readers, with a few noteworthy exceptions who track the posts every day) seems to be working best (as measured by traffic). To be clear: new moon and full moon forecasts are the BIG traffic draws for this blog, along with solstice / equinox. The rest is only read by my more dedicated subscribers. (And, I do GREATLY appreciate them!)

        I would actually PREFER to give some more advanced forecasts (I use my own work for certain decisions), but so far the traffic will not support it. 😦 However, I am open to suggestions. (It would require an architectural change, maybe like dedicated page that references these longer term forecasts and that is accessible from the “front page” for those who want those analysis.)

        Suggestions about this are welcome.


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  5. Butterfly effect -absolutely…Where to go, that is the million dollar question! 😀 Definitely not Greece lol
    The forecasts are worrying. Do you also have a feeling like something is definitely happening? Like there is something brewing under the surface? We just don’t know when, where and what exactly. :-/ I guess, we just have to stay vigilant, get information from diverse sources-(not just the mainstream news etc.) and be prepared. I am sorry, I don’t mean to alarm anybody! I just have a bad feeling that I can’t shake off. I was hoping that the forecast would dispel the bad feeling, but like you said the times are unstable…
    I see what you mean about your dilemma about the readership and long term forecasts. Perhaps, if it is regarding something specific like this people might want to know. What you said at the end of your reply might work. I will be reading for sure 😀 Thanks Grandtrines! Gia x


    • The timing of the Iran nuclear deal leaves me extra nervous. Sealing the deal on a Sun/Uranus square day? Really? (Uranus = explosions) I do not like to be alarmist, either, and usually avoid these topics. You do have me thinking about the long term research though.I like the idea, but I am little uncertain as to how to make it happen. I think I will put up a post related to this that focuses on Neptune Sextile Pluto. See, also:


  6. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good! I would definitely like to see more and keep an eye on actual events and as the indicators in astrology.( “As above so below” ) I will check the Neptune Pluto Sextile. Thanks!


    • I like your idea about long term analysis. We will start with the Neptune Pluto Sextile and work backwards.


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