Mercury Square Chiron 2015-07-03

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Overall, the weekend is relatively peaceful (punctuated with some wild ideas that are false hopes).  But, before we can reach that, we must process Mercury Square Chiron.  Just when you thought it could not get any worse, you are faced with the question: does change have to be this painful?

Here is the chart:

2015-07-03 Mercury Square Chiron

[Click Image to Enlarge]

With this many squares in the chart, and the influence of the recent square of Mars to the Nodes, the answer (sadly) is “Yes.”  It is like lancing a boil, once done you will (eventually) feel better.  Again, mostly things are better after this for the holiday weekend.

Weekend update,Higher thoughts, Reality check

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Read your article. Pretty on point. Many will be going to “rehab,” and others saying “no, no, no.” If Amy Winehouse had gone to rehab, would she be alive today? Or, was it just her time to exit? (I suppose we will never know.) In any case, to summarize your article, a “reality check” is waiting out there….

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Moon enters Aquarius June 3 in the morning. Aquarius is opposite LEO,the 11th sign, Fixed Air, sign of inventors, revolutionaries, freedom, higher consciousness, independence,  equal rights for all, non-hierarchical.

Mercury is active today so our heads will feel up in the air. Mercury squares Chiron and later sextiles Jupiter.

Moon is inconjunct to Mars in Cancer

-being detached may involuntarily hurt someones tender feelings.

JULY 4 Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.

Our nearest and longest connection, the U.S. and Canada share the longest border in the world. I’ll look at the U.S. Birthday Solar Return chart separately. 

The weekend continues with another inconjunct between the Moon and the Sun

– kind of like your parents choosing to divorce or separating, family squabbles and misunderstandings. Parental needs are cloying and can be smothering. Non-attachment which Aquarius is great at, is the name of the game and saves the day.

Aquarius lightning Moon…

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July Full Moon meditation

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The Practice of Living Awareness

Using the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter as our guide, the light of the heart is our full moon meditation theme. This blends with the ongoing theme of humanity’s transformation. Now, and in the coming few generations, humanity is remaking itself and re-establishing its relation with the subtle realms, subtle energies, and subtle beings. Heart is the guide in all of this.

Transformation of one’s thoughts, desires, and consciousness fueled by the heart is the urgently needed personal assistance that each of us can give to these dynamic times of change. Meditating together is part of that collective transformation, as is the important acknowledgement of the subtle energies and realms of beings. Together we are reinventing ourselves – birthing a new humanity.

Below are the images used for the introduction of the meditation.

Downloadable podcast: July 1, 2015 full moon



stellarium july 1

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Aspects to the Moon

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Moon-Mercury:  Speaking from the heart. Intuitive communication. Synthesis of intellect and feelings. Displaying emotional intelligence and acumen. Warmth in speech. The Hallmark card writer.

Moon-Venus: Social sensitivity. The cook who serves all of their friends comfort food. Warm and cozy relating. An individual that can successfully hide themselves in a crowd. Someone who can get “under your skin”, absorb and relate with a great deal of empathy.

Moon-Mars: Motivated by emotions. Sexual energy/drive is connected to moods and feelings. Nourished and comforted by Sex. Your moods can determine your desire to act and the application of your will. Potential to defend self with explosive tenacity.

Moon-Jupiter: Heightened and elevated emotions. Moving others with feeling; in an evangelical way. A jovial disposition and an optimistic outlook. Making learning acquisition of knowledge a “religion.” Showing reverence for freedom. Emotionally unrestricted. Suffering from intense pride and over inflating one’s emotional issues.

Moon-Saturn: A…

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After sex, Venus Jupiter cosmic lovers

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Please, someone, tell me there will be benefit from these troubling times we are living through.

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

FULL MOON, after sex, sacred marriage of the stars.

Venus Jupiter Tara Greene astrology

from NASA MARSHALL News on Twitter

Did you get to see the beautiful Venus Jupiter high romance last night? The two planets were getting very sexy in Leo. That is the closest Venus-Jupiter conjunction until August 27, 2016. They will remain visually close in the sky for the next few weeks. The Full Moon was a beautiful rose color like the wine from my window. There were real fireworks as it was Canada’s birthday last night.

I thought it was Bible thumper fundamentalist media sensationalism, but it is true that the Venus/Jupiter Regulus conjunction now was very much like the Star of Bethlehem that happened in the years 2 and 3 B.C. when Jupiter conjunct both Venus and Regulus in the Constellation of Leo the Star of Kings in Sidereal. Of course the “Fixed” stars have moved almost 24 degrees backwards over…

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Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait

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Ah, if only we could save the General Lee (and those Good Ole Boys never meaning’ no harm. A tip to Waylon, God rest his soul.) I feel like my heritage is evaporating before my very eyes, eradication of a unique culture by the extortionists of the politically correct.

LOL: “Don’t make us ask twice”

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Just a Little AstroEssence 2-7 July 2015

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Whether Greece leaves the eurozone or not, the country is headed for even more pain

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This is important. And, it is more Uranus (surprises, revolutions) square Pluto (Power struggles, “other people’s money”) in Capricorn (Finance and Banking). At the moment, this might be the most important turn of events in the world. You can bet the rest of the EU (and UK) will feel this as will the U.S. (and maybe other economies as well).

Blue Moon July 2015

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Sentient Metaphysics

july full moon

2nd Full Blue Moon July Spiritual Meaning

Blue Moon Astrology Meaning

Technically there are two full moons in July, making this month July 2nd a full moon and the 31 st a blue moon. July 2nd is in Capricorn opposing a Cancerian Sun and the 31st blue moon is in Aquarius opposing a Leo Sun. A Blue moon is the zenith of moon power throughout the year, be sure to create and let go of your magical energy for manifestation this blue moon. The next blue moon is not until January the 31st 2018.

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