Celebrating 10 Years of WordPress.com & Automattic

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WordPress has done much to facilitate Free Speech on the internet. Thank you!

WordPress.com News

This year marks the 10th birthday of WordPress.com and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn July 1, 2015

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“A funky, emotionally soupy mix….” I agree. A bit messy and weird. (Difficult to predict.)

Astrology Forecast for July 2015

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Water, water everywhere….


July continues the forward thrust of late June – then invites do-overs that will make our eventual landing more solid and stable.

The state of our security is in focus as the month begins. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 1st tests the firmness of our foundations. How do we feel about them? About our goals at this point? Both have undergone quite the beating and reshaping of late. Do we will want to trudge along this particular road while it figures out what it’s going to be and where exactly it’s going? Maybe; maybe not. We may, in fact, want more — and are not merely open to a brighter path, but outright expecting it.

Such assured optimism spills over into relationships, which also buzz with potential and possibilities. You may know people who hold keys and resources. The more open you are, the more likely they are to…

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Full Moon in Capricorn-July 2015

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*the goldentwig astrology*

***I have already published this article before the decision of the Greek prime Minister for Referendum. I had already predicted in Greek media, the rising choice of referendum, and the dissolve of political parties.
The Full Moon will be held on July 2, 2015, at 5:19:32 in the morning, at the 9th degree (degree of repetition, significant events in history) in Capricorn (government, policy, restriction, seriousness, concern for rules and protocols) at the 7th house, which is angular and important (war and diplomatic relations of the state, obvious enemies and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government, rallies, close associates and business partners, the obvious rivals, the opposing country in time of war, trade with foreign countries, international treaties signed) of the solar horoscope. I am sure that something reminds you again if you look at the lunar phenomena of December 2014, which occurred in Greece. In this…

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US Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

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Peter Stockinger's Traditional Astrology Weblog

On Friday 26 June 2015, The U.S. Supreme Court declared marriage for same-sex couples legal nationwide. This means that from now on refusing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the American Constitution. This landmark ruling will most certainly trigger significant changes to laws governing matrimony since the court ruled in favour of state bans on inter-racial marriage, almost 50 years ago.A look at the foundation chart and also the Sun’s ingress chart into Cancer, as well as the mundane chart for 26th June will show that the outcome was pre-determined. The following shows the foundation chart for the United States of America:

USA Sibly   This is the so called Sibley chart, which is not undisputed amongst astrologers. Nonetheless, the chart shows a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 7th house, which seems apt. After inspection of the ingress- and current chart, we will understand the importance of this conjunction. The…

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June 27 is National Orange Blossom Day

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Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Orange-Blossom-Day http://www.EmpressTeaCompany.com

Happy National Orange Blossom Day

Fun Facts about Oranges

  • Navel oranges are named that because of the belly-button formation opposite the stem end. The bigger the navel in an orange, the sweeter it will be.
  • When is an orange green? When it’s a Valencia! Sometimes warm weather causes the skin to regreen, or reabsorb chlorophyll, giving it a greenish color. But it will still taste great.
  • Oranges are high in antioxidants, which neutralize the effects of free radicals, unstable oxygen molecules in your body, believed to cause aging and some diseases.
  • Moro oranges are also called blood oranges!  But don’t worry. That’s just because the pulp is bright red. They’re really a sweet treat.
  • After chocolate and vanilla, orange is the world’s favorite flavor.

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1615 The first tea is imported to the west

1850 Lafcadio Hearn was born. (Patricio Lafcadio Tessima Hearn)…

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Daily Tarot

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Yes, times are a changin’!

♫ Johnny Cash – Lumberjack

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