Full Moon of July 1, 2015

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The Full Moon of July 1, 2015 is the first FM of the month; the second FM is generally considered a “Blue Moon” by the calendar method although some calculate this differently (fourth FM in a season). As far as patterns go, this is one of the quieter Full Moons.  No FM is truly quiet, we say that only in comparison to others.  Here is the chart, filtered for squares, and showing squares to the nodes: 2015-07-01 Full Moon (Squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see Mars near the Sun, and Pluto is near the Moon.  This could lead to some (additional) conflict during this period.

Here is the U.S. map for this FM:

2015-07-01 FM US Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Phoenix AZ is particularly activated at this time.

We also ask you, how does this FM compare to last month’s FM?  We expect that you should have acquired some new opportunity or idea, and now you must make a decision and act upon it or the window will close.

If you keep a journal or notes, you may want to look at them.  You have come a LONG way since the FM two months ago.

Starcodes June 26, 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

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This weekend we may feel deeply ambiguous about humanity in general and people in particular.  We can feel both content with our beautiful relationships and yet simultaneously cynically fed up with people’s inhumanity to people, torn between diving into life wholeheartedly and going on solitary retreat. Venus and Jupiter conjunct for many weeks in extroverted Leo call us out to the party, conference, or arts festival,  while the Moon in Scorpio and Sun and Mars in Cancer can leave us introspective, potentially suspicious, and in desperate need of some time alone.

Because of this conflict we may feel unusually tender or vulnerable and be tempted to overdo or overreact; we may want to leave town rather than take a break, or bite back rather than set a calm boundary. We may find great last-minute excuses to not join the parade. Maybe we need to fix the motor, dig in our…

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Relationship Astrology: Venus-Uranus Aspects in Synastry – We Love In Unconventional Ways”

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Like a moth to a flame.

This is a common way in which Venus-Uranus contacts operate in synastry, better known as relationship Astrology. This aspect suggests a sudden. magnetic attraction with live electric currents. There is a heightened quality to the stimulation of this aspect which seems to transcend the boxes or categories we use to differentiate ourselves such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class or culture. Honestly, the beauty which you see in each other is so customized that you rarely give a damn.

Whatever enamors you about the other person may have done so to a degree that you’ll continue to pursue that attraction in the face of objection from family, friends and whomever else has the audacity to disagree with your choices. The questions which this aspect begs to answer is ” Am I “high” off rebellion? Or, is this the real thing?

What you need to…

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Lion Among 23,000 Species Threatened With Extinction

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You can probably add me to the list, too! 😉

Igor Purlantov

The mighty lion, reclusive cave crabs and the world’s rarest sea lion are among nearly 23,000 species at risk of dying out, a top conservation body warned on Tuesday. In an update to its “Red List” of threatened species, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature hailed some clear advances in saving endangered species like the Iberian Lynx. But, it warned, those successes have been overshadowed by declines in a range of species, with 22,784 species of animals and plants threatened with extinction. “Our natural world is becoming increasingly vulnerable,” warned IUCN chief Inger Andersen, urging increased efforts to save species teetering on the edge.


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Astrology & Relationships : Sun-Moon Contacts in Synastry = Amel Larrieux’s “Make Me Whole”

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In Synastry (the astrology of human relationships) Sun-Moon contacts are heralded as a textbook factor of compatibility. While one must explore the birth charts and life experiences of both people, it STILL goes deeper than that.

The Moon has no light of its own, it  uses the solar energy by reflecting it into the universe.

Is this a “good” thing? I don’t know. Is it “bad”? Again, same answer.

I’d say it just is, and whatever we choose to make of it is our decision.

When there’s Sun-Moon contact existent between two individuals, one may have indeed met their true reflection. The parts we love about ourselves and the one’s we may be attempting to escape are right there for us in plain view if we pay attention. Essentially, the identity and aspirations of one individual are connected to the other’s emotional fulfillment.

Who one is becoming may provide nourishment…

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Astrology & Relationships : Moon-Saturn Contacts in Synastry: Sade’s “Lover’s Rock”

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Back in elementary school, I remember when we studied rocks and their various classifications. Some of them were used as components to build, i.e. for structural purposes, while others seemed to be a massive obstruction, and their weight actually helped to provide a blockade or control barrier for flooding.

When we look at Moon-Saturn contacts in Synastry, we could easily make a comparison to these basic lessons. When two individuals share these aspects in relationship Astrology, the structures and containment of the emotional life is a highlighted theme.

This dynamic can operate where both partners share a safe place to express their feelings without reservations because they’ve done the work to build a mature foundation of mutual dignity and respect. There’s a certain consistency of words and actions aligning via an external demonstration of commitment and endurance despite the hardships which may permeate the relationship.

With Saturn’s influence as a…

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Lynn Bell: Some Thoughts on the Saturn Retrograde Back into Scorpio

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Daily Draw: Memento Mori & Compass Rose

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The Muse's Darling

The mighty and beloved dead are here, now, talking to you and telling you it’s time to get moving and go. It’s time to move on. The connection between you and your Ancestors is strong, and using it to fuel foward movement is what’s coming up today. Put the past in the past and go. Set up a boundary between yourself and what is no longer serving you: what stories from the past are you telling yourself about why things are the way they are? Whether you’re right about that or not is immaterial. The only direction right now is forward. Whether you go left or right, choosing this path or that one, is also immaterial. What matters is that you pick a direction and go. Follow your guidance, make up your mind, and go.


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Mars in Cancer

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Amelia Shea

“I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.” TS Eliot

Fiery, direct, dynamic Mars is now in the private, self protective sign of Cancer – symbolized by the Crab with its sideways, indirect motion. The energy of Mars can be frustrated in Cancer.
It can be an irritable time when family issues and issues of the past can easily be triggered resulting in angry, impulsive responses. Best if these situations arise to bring critical thinking to the fore and keep emotions at bay. Mars will move into Leo in early August.
The Sun in Cancer is moving up to a trine to Neptune making this a good time for spiritual contemplation and creativity. Envision the life you see yourself evolving towards.

Amelia Shea specializes in issues of family, relationship and transition as well as life path and career.She can be reached at…

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