Jupiter Trine Uranus June 22, 2015

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Jupiter Trine Uranus is the “Lotto Winner” aspect, and it always comes with opportunities disguised as surprises and even sometimes “accidents.”  When the mold kills the bacteria colonies in your dishes, you can either grumble and throw them out having learned nothing or you can become world famous and save millions of lives by discovering penicillin.

Keep your eyes open and be ready to have your awareness lifted.

This chart is simply FULL of Grand Trines that GREATLY favor fire and air signs.  It is exact, and strongest, in the morning for the United States and afternoon for UK and Europe.  Here is the chart, filtered to show the GT’s:

2015-06-22 Jupiter Trine Uranus Grand Trines

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you have been reading this blog long enough, or have the knowledge elsewhere, then you know that Yods (the Finger of God) are about a “fork in the road” and making decisions.  You can only choose one path and must forego the other.  We have a Yod present with this pattern:

2015-06-22 Jupiter Trine Uranus Yod

[Click to Enlarge]

With the Yod, some disappointment is always experienced with a given choice, and we long for the other path nostalgically later.  Just make certain you understand that, whichever path you choose, the other one had its own problems as well.

Finally, today’s patterns include Huber Learning Triangles.  You will learn “lessons” from these events.

2015-06-22 Jupiter Trine Uranus Huber 1

[Click to Enlarge]


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