Soul Companions~ Cats, Dogs and Other Species

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The New Divine Humanity


There are many unique species on Earth~ Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, etc, that are Souls that HAVE a Deep Soul Connection to Humans as well as Being companions through The Souls Sojourn through and as Light into other realms of Being. Each Soul has its Own Unique Frequency and Unique Soul Plan~ and that includes Unique species, incarnations and experiences.

Some Beings incarnate as Humans and ALSO have a Soul Aspect of themselves incarnate on Earth that show up as a Soul Companion in the Form of another Species, here on Earth, a Cat, a Dog, etc. These aspects, serve the Soul Plan, facilitating shifts and changes through the Duality experience in Form and then Back again, into Light.

There are many species of Cats and Dogs in other worlds of Being and they have unique traits to that specific world aspect. There are also unique differences carried forward through…

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