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NYC New Tower


~ In the darkest hour just before dawn, the ‘Goddess of Emoting in Leo’ hooks up with ‘The Goddess of Love and Luxury’ fueling artistic expression. One of the hallmarks of the sign of Leo is the signature of originality; creating and producing offspring of the mind and body. Its the blending of art and science in such a way that it marvels the Gods and leaves us mere mortals in awe.

We are astonished and filled with wonder and delight at what is produced, time after time. The Lion Never ceases to hit the mark, time and time again. Forever renewing the self, the creative energy of Leo radiates warmth as it give life to something that never was. Tomorrow is the solstice when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky at noon: marking the longest days of summer.

We start this glorious day at…

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