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21JUNE Solstice

SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2015

~ Happy Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere.. You have yourself 15 hours and 4 minutes of daylight – to celebrate and take advantage of the powerful energy available. Today,  the Sun stands stills. Yep, the celestial ball of fire, that without it, there would be no life here on earth. The Sun reaches its northern peak in the heavens, stops and then continues its journey south. Of all the heavenly bodies, it is the center of our universe here on earth (although not technically accurate), without which there would be no life.

The Sun and Moon do “the old switcheroo” around noon time. The Sun enters Cancer and the Moon enters Virgo. This makes for a nice family day of celebration but also hosts practical, down-to-earth activities. You’ll be inclined to fix, organize and put everything…

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NYC New Tower


~ In the darkest hour just before dawn, the ‘Goddess of Emoting in Leo’ hooks up with ‘The Goddess of Love and Luxury’ fueling artistic expression. One of the hallmarks of the sign of Leo is the signature of originality; creating and producing offspring of the mind and body. Its the blending of art and science in such a way that it marvels the Gods and leaves us mere mortals in awe.

We are astonished and filled with wonder and delight at what is produced, time after time. The Lion Never ceases to hit the mark, time and time again. Forever renewing the self, the creative energy of Leo radiates warmth as it give life to something that never was. Tomorrow is the solstice when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky at noon: marking the longest days of summer.

We start this glorious day at…

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Michael Lutin: Audio Message – Summer Solstice

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The Summer Solstice

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Amelia Shea

“Trying to understand what’s happening by using old words, old images, old paradigms is like telling time by broken clocks.” Richard Thieme

On Sunday June 21 the Sun enters the sign of Cancer marking the time of the Summer Solstice. The Sabian symbol for this time is, “On a ship sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.” The flags represent an allegiance to certain set of ideas or beliefs.

The Jupiter / Uranus trine in effect at the time of the Solstice indicates a good time to lower the old flag – and to be open instead to new approaches, ideas and energies. Heed innovative strategies.

Through the end of the month Mercury will be squaring Neptune which can be a Mercury retrograde type influence (confusion can arise more easily, there can be snafus in communication and with technology.) Consider jotting down new ideas and strategies and…

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Daily Tarot

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Soul Companions~ Cats, Dogs and Other Species

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The New Divine Humanity


There are many unique species on Earth~ Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, etc, that are Souls that HAVE a Deep Soul Connection to Humans as well as Being companions through The Souls Sojourn through and as Light into other realms of Being. Each Soul has its Own Unique Frequency and Unique Soul Plan~ and that includes Unique species, incarnations and experiences.

Some Beings incarnate as Humans and ALSO have a Soul Aspect of themselves incarnate on Earth that show up as a Soul Companion in the Form of another Species, here on Earth, a Cat, a Dog, etc. These aspects, serve the Soul Plan, facilitating shifts and changes through the Duality experience in Form and then Back again, into Light.

There are many species of Cats and Dogs in other worlds of Being and they have unique traits to that specific world aspect. There are also unique differences carried forward through…

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Cancer/June Solstice during Void Moon

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Desperate for my missing dog

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The same dog who got into a scuffle with a porcupine last week has been missing since last night at the cabin, when I let her out one last time, before bed. She likely started chasing an animal, and either lost her way (doubtful), or died in the process. I’m no longer optimistic about the situation, given leaving far is not her style at all, and the likelihood she got picked up by someone is slim to none where I’m staying. She was not wearing her collar at the time… Nevertheless, I’ve spent 1 hour in the woods last night, and have been walking and driving around since 6am. I’ve left posters everywhere I could, talked to everybody I could, and called both the local dog pound and regional SPCA. As of now, there is no longer anything I can do but hope. Or start mourning… 😦


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Your Weekend Forecast 20-21 June 2015: Navigating the Waters

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Solstice June 21st 2015

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The Solstice on June 21st is marked by the Sun and Moon in mutual reception – the Sun being in watery Cancer and the Moon in fiery Leo, with the two Great Benefics, Venus and Jupiter drawing very close to each other in Leo. The elements of fire and water blending together creates steam, which can be used to purify and heal. It can also indicate the irresistible and passionate attraction of opposites. The Sun is conjunct Mars in the late degrees of Gemini which increases the amount of steam being released. Since Mars is still in Gemini this might entail “steam coming out of one’s ears” or the need to blow off of steam verbally or through the hands. EFT – also known as tapping is one effective way to do this.lion and unicoron

This Solstice the Sun is squaring the nodal axis, which highlights the relationship we have to powerful…

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