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Goddess of Emoting


~ The Moon is in Cancer all day today. Home & hearth and all things that calm and comfort take center stage. The hectic pace of the last couple of days fades while you prepare to get away from the maddening crowd. At 9:41 AM:EDT, the Moon trines Neptune. This aspect represents a “time to smell the roses” aspect. You’ll want to relax, commune with nature, walk in clover or take time to ‘just be.’ You desire to take a sentimental journey.  Let go of expectations and just simply “be.” Recharge your spirit.

You will be ‘Seeking Home’ or ‘Thinking of Home’ because home is where your Heart is. Ideas and thoughts on how to make your domicile more comfortable occupy your time. Inspired ways to beautify your domestic environment come to you in unusual ways. Family matters and domestic issues concern you at this time.

After the sun sets, nearing…

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Star Stuff: Saturn in Scorpio

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magick millenial

Saturn (“the great teacher”) has just moved into passionate, all-or-nothing, deep-feeling Scorpio, where it will stay until mid-September.  How might we feel and use this energy?


This three-month period brings us changes to release all that is toxic in our lives, heal old wounds, and master our fears.  What drains and disempowers you?  What fears and unconscious patterns still have a grip on you?  Who could you become if you released it all?

We are asked to be emotionally authentic, to connect to the power of love within.  We can transform the stale and toxic by bringing this love and conscious awareness to it. Embracing and owning our projections and fears about power is part of this. This can be a journey into our unconscious, and can be richly rewarding.

It serves us well now to clarify healthy boundaries, and to gain more clarity about our shadow selves…

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New Moon in Gemini: June 16

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magick millenial

It’s new moon time – in Gemini.
Time to flow with this energy…


Time to connect and share with others!  This is a busy energy, focused on communicating and learning, and this is a time to review and renew our thought structures and patterns.  Stay in motion.  Review your mental habits. Remember – the more we think a particular thought, the “deeper” those pathways become in our minds.  All thoughts create vibrations that affect yourself and others!

Mercury is direct again (whew!), helping us implement things we’ve noticed we need to take on over the last few weeks.  Keep stretching, growing, and making the necessary adjustments to your patterns of thought and communication.

Mars aligns with this new moon in Gemini – we are ready for a new outward expression of our inner warrior! Imagine that your masculine energy has matured into a spiritual warrior, focused on the…

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The Winter Solstice

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Sara, Psychic and Astrology Readings


This year the Winter Solstice in Australia will be on Monday 22nd June at 2.38am AEST. This is the shortest day and the longest night and has been celebrated by people all over the world for thousands of years.

It is the point at which the old Solar (Sun) year has ended and the coming year is born. In the northern hemisphere this occurs just before Christmas and New Year when everyone is looking back over the previous year and making promises and resolutions for the next. In Australia it is still Winter and down here in Hobart at least, it is often marked by slowing down and withdrawing and making plans for when it is warm again.

In the spiritual yearly cycle, the Solstice marks the start of Winter and a time for being quiet and reflective. The energy is all about reflecting over the past before letting…

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Gemini New Moon with Mars,Galactic Astrology

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

June 16 Gemini New Moon @ 25+ degrees of the Twins conjunct to Mars

occurs @ 7:05 am PDT/ 10:05 am EDT/ 2:05 pm GMT

New Moon Astrology Tara greene ccjofraGemini New Moon

Image by C.C. Jofra 

A New Moon with Mars, planet of men indicates a new beginning, a powerful new identity {SUN} and emotional {MOON} change in that testosterone driven half of the twins.  

This will be a heady, busy, difficult, time  for the next few months.

Gemini is the mind, our consciousness and symbolizes the apparent duality of this dimension. Gemini is the first Air sign,the place where consciousness enters from the Aries first sign spirit spark to the Taurus physical plane to the Airy mental plane or world.

The Twins are the apparent duality of the opposites, yin/yang, black/white. Gemini symbolizes the twin aspects of our brains, which is really one mind, one brain, wholeness in essence. The myths of…

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Tropical storm

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Bill is bringing even more rain (and flooding) to the DFW Metroplex (aka Dallas / Fort Worth). Very gray day today.

Embracing Uncertainty

As I sit writing, it is raining torrentially. There is a tropical storm visiting that goes by the name of Bill.wpid-screenshot_2015-06-17-06-37-112.jpg.jpeg

I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast all my life and hurricane watching from June to November is just something we do around here. They are unpredictable for sure. Yesterday we were supposed to get loads of rain with possible heavy flooding and people were advised to stay home, schools and universities were closed. Didn’t happen here.

The rain was happening further south, and we had alot of wind. I made it to work and back without issue. We didn’t lose power or have flooding. This morning is a different story! I will take a change of clothes and shoes with me as I set out to work, and hope that I can find my way around the water. The route I take will definitely have flooded, closed areas!

Another day…

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